Black Friday is upon us, and now is the time to upgrade your TV. Maybe you need an additional TV, a different size, or a better-quality picture. New 2022 TV models are providing the best technology for you to buy. Here are a few of our favorite TVs on sale this Black Friday.

Buying a TV During Black Friday

Should you buy a new TV during Black Friday sales? To put it matter-of-factly, TVs have the deepest discounts during Black Friday!

Starting on November 17th and ending on Cyber Monday, Audio Video Charlotte has its best recommendations and deals and we will price-match our competitors.

Our top TV recommendations:

  • Samsung Frame TV 65″ Originally $1,999, marked down to $1,599
  • Samsung Frame TV 50″ Originally $1,299, marked down to $899

The Samsung Frame TV is a “lifestyle TV” because it has a gallery-worthy aesthetic, features swappable bezel frames, and offers access to an extensive collection of artwork. Read more about it here.

  • Samsung 85″ Class QN85B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV Originally $3,499, marked down to $2,399

The brilliant details shine even in daylight with ultra-precise Quantum Mini LEDs. This TV offers bright and vivid colors with dynamic contrast.

  • Sony OLED XRA80K 65″ Originally $2,299 down to $1,699

This TV offers an immersive viewing experience with exceptional vision and sound. A Cognitive Processor XR™ powers it. Viewers enjoy its pure black contrast for pictures full of depth and detail. Read more about it here.

Shopping with Audio Video Charlotte

Deciding which TV technology is best for your project depends on the price, features, and where the TV is installed. The best thing about shopping with Audio Video Charlotte is that we will help you decide what TV is best for you and offer our recommendations.

We honor Black Friday prices direct, so you don’t have to shop around, and you know that you will be getting an exceptional TV at a competitive price.

These sales don’t last long; get your holiday shopping started now.

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What To Know About TVs

Before you decide on a TV, you should know the differences. There is some terminology that you should know.

  • OLED stands for “organic light-emitting diode”
  • QLED stands for “quantum dot LED TV”
  • LED stands for “Light-emitting diode”

LEDs are known for their brightness, are the most affordable, and come with many features. LED TVs have difficulties producing dark black colors resulting in a haze of lighter areas, so they may not be the best choice for every room. For the best quality and performance, look for a QLED or OLED.

OLED TVs are known to have the best picture quality and better contrast with deep black levels, while the QLED offers a bright picture display. Here are some of the notable performances between QLED and OLED TVs:

  • Picture quality- OLED wins
  • Contrast and black level- OLED wins
  • Brighter- QLED wins
  • More sizes- QLED wins

In 2022 a new kind of OLED TV technology, called QD-OLED, came on the market. The technology debuted in new 55″ and 65″ TVs from Samsung and Sony and offered new monitors by Alienware.

QD-OLED uses quantum dots with organic light-emitting diodes to deliver the best picture quality and better contrast with deep black levels.

What’s New With 2022 TVs

Earlier this year, at CES 2022, an influential tech event, TV manufacturers released their new television models and showed off the unique features of their products. Many OLED and QLED screens received upgrades, including matte displays for glare and reflection.

LG now offers an all-new Brightness Booster, Samsung added QD-Display to their product lines, while Sony offers QD-OLED TVs.