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Nowadays, everyone wants the ability to see and hear what they want, when they want it. It’s getting easier all the time to do that with our personal digital devices, such as smart phones and iPads®. But while such devices can bring us nearly unlimited listening choices, they can’t bring us the room filling, high fidelity sound we also want when relaxing at home.

But conventional high fidelity audio systems have drawbacks as well. Because of their size and complexity, they’re often limited to certain rooms of the house. And extending sound to other rooms used to mean the expense and hassle of running ugly wires to remote speakers. Plus, controlling the system was complicated and limited.

Thankfully, there’s a new, affordable solution. It’s now possible to enjoy exceptionally high quality audio anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

Heos, by Denon, couldn’t be more user-friendly. Compact, high-performance speakers can be placed nearly anywhere in and around your home. They receive signals through the air and deliver fantastic fidelity. Perhaps best of all, you control the wireless audio video system with simple and intuitive apps on your smart phone or iPad®.

The experts at Audio Video Charlotte would be delighted to show you the benefits of Heos. And they can also provide expert advice and installation of systems that bring, not only audio, but also video to any area of your home, without unsightly wires or complicated operation.

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