Take Control of Your Home Lighting!

Control Home Lighting from Any Smartphone

Turn your porch light on and dim the living room lamp from your smartphone. Audio Video Systems Automated Lighting Systems enable easy-to-use technology for smart home lighting, thermostat control, and security lighting.

  • Automated Interior & Exterior On/Off
  • Easy Touch Remote Control From any Smartphone
  • Window Shade Control
  • Porch Light and House Security Light Control
  • Vacation – Away System Lighting
  • Thermostat Control on the Same Phone Application
  • Best of All – Every Customer Receives FREE Audio Video System Training!

Our preferred system is the Lutron RA2 Select System

Customizable features:

Do you follow a daily routine? If you have a particular hour that you wake up, or maybe a consistent time you turn the lights off for your children at night, Lutron timers allow you to program each of your lights or your entire system on a personalized schedule.

The Lutron radio ra2 main repeater has a built-in time clock. It allows the user to set the system ‘where it lives in the world.’ It then knows when the sun rises and sets, so lights can automatically turn on and off regardless of the pattern changes throughout the year.

Lutron is hardwired into your network, allowing unlimited customization and a wide range of applicable devices. The main repeater supports up to 100 devices, including tabletop dimmers and switches, in-wall dimmers, handheld remotes, and more, all on the main network.

Lutron’s main repeater also offers voice commands and timers that will save money on electric bills.

Appear To Be Home Even When You Are Away

Easily preset the timers to turn the lights on when leaving and back on later when another member of the household wakes. You never have to speak to a smart device, pick up a phone or press a button; the system does everything seamlessly.

Not only does Lutron offer energy-efficient products, but they give homeowners a sense of increased security. Read more about Lutron’s customizable scheduling.

More control where you need it:

If you live in an older home and need lighting upgrades, Lutron offers new possibilities with physical remote control switches off/on/dim lighting.

Additional products for pre-existing home lighting:

  • Dimmers
  • In-Wall Switches
  • Fan Controls
  • In-Wall Sensors
  • Customizable Wall plates

A pedestal remote is also an excellent addition to your home to control lighting. It controls lighting without having to get up and turn off the lights.

The remote has a range of 400 feet and works flawlessly every time. No installer is needed and reprogramming is not necessary.

We Set You Up for Success

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