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Released in June 2020, the Samsung Frame is an exciting and innovative new television that lets you do so much more than you can imagine with a traditional flat screen. The Frame TV is the perfect combination of Samsung’s highly regarded and revolutionary QLED technology and seamless design, blending entertainment, function, and aesthetic into one consumer experience.

Audio Video Charlotte has the scoop on the Samsung Frame TV; what it is, how it’s used, what it takes to install it, and why this holiday season, it’s going to be the hottest home entertainment system. If you enjoy the latest and greatest technology innovations in your home, then the Samsung Frame TV is the perfect fit for you. Our professionals at Audio Video Charlotte can unbox and install your Frame TV on the same day so that you can start enjoying your new and unique entertainment experience right away.

Who’s the Samsung Frame TV marketed towards?

Consumers everywhere, especially the millennial generation, want incredible performance and personalized experiences from their technology and expect nothing less. What the Frame TV offers is both, but in a powerful format that enhances the viewing experiences and treats viewers to a new level of indulgence.

Maybe you value the aesthetic of a room over the functionality of large black flat screens. If that’s the case, then the Frame TV is for you. This TV is Samsung’s first TV that values design and style as much as utility. With the ability to transform into a beautiful work of art, the Frame TV functions as a canvas preloaded with different types of art from various world-renowned artists and has additional access to the Samsung Art Store for additional purchases. While that’s ample customization there, the Frame TV goes a step beyond with the ability to upload your own photos to display them on The Frame.

What size does the Frame TV come in? 

The Frame has a range of sizes available, including 43”, 50”, 55”, and 65” sizes.

What makes the Frame TV so brilliant in every room? QLED technology.

As the market demand grows for larger and larger televisions, you are receiving excellent quality for the money when you choose QLED televisions. QLED stands for quantum dot LED TV.QLED is a variation of LED LCD, adding the quantum dot film in front of the LED. QLED has 4K resolution and can achieve 8K resolution as well. QLED TVs are very bright, since they use that LED backlight to produce light.

The Frame features, at a glance:

Personalized, responsive assistance. 

The Frame TV comes pre-installed with Auto Hotspot technology, USB 3.0, and supports voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung’s own native assistant, Bixbu.

Customized content

From the Content Guide for curated content, the Personal Computer Mode for working from home, to the Home Cloud and Music Player, the possibilities with the Frame TV are endless.

Smooth, lag-free gaming experience on stunning QLED.

Loaded with features like the lag-free Game Enhancer, you’ll be sure to enjoy playing crowd favorites such as Among Us or Phasmophobia with friends online.

Work from home on the Frame TV.

In the age of working from home, Samsung tuned in quickly to consumer insights and added a free subscription to Office 365 along with 5 GB of cloud storage space. Your productivity from the couch will increase easily with the Personal Computer mode, which enables you to mirror their laptop wirelessly, without internet to the big screen, or remotely access their office computer with the 

Personal Computer Mode. What’s even more impressive about this technology? The Frame TV is secured by multi-layered Knox, with unparalleled security and seamless access to Office 365 services via the cloud.

What does installation of the Frame entail?

The Frame itself mounts flush against the wall like an actual art frame, with only one wire (the One Invisible Connection) coming out of the bottom, which runs to your Connect Box.

The Connect Box can be hidden up to 15’ away from the TV. If you want to place the Connect Box farther away, Samsung has a 45’ cable you can purchase from Audio Video Charlotte. The cable carries the video signals and power signals to the TV, so there is no need to have an electric outlet right behind wherever you choose to mount the television, giving you more design freedom.

Once the TV is mounted, you’ll then start the process of connecting all of your devices to The Connect Box. Depending on the number of devices in your home, this can be a quick or long process.

Beyond installation, you’ll also want to customize your Frame with the Art Mode preferences and sensor specificities. Audio Video Charlotte can help you with all of these steps.

What accessories come with The Frame?

The Frame comes boxed with the no-gap Wall-Mount, a charcoal bezel, an invisible connection, and the One Connect box.

If you do not want The Frame mounted to the wall, another option is the Samsung Studio Stand. For an additional purchase, the Studio Stand has three sturdy metal legs, with the aesthetic of an easel. It allows for easy cable management, with the main cable able to run through the stand and out any of the three legs. This completely avoids the mess of running multiple cable connections out the back of the TV, and keeps the neat and minimal look of the Frame on the Studio Stand as a pleasing addition to any room.

If the standard charcoal bezel does not suit your décor, you can additionally purchase beige faux wood, brown faux wood, white, or black bezels. As stated previously, the bezels easily clip to the television using magnets.

Say hello to your latest gallery wall addition with a canvas that reflects your unique style with precisely what you love, at any moment.

With the ability to customize your Frame with preloaded art pieces, pieces from the Samsung Art Store, or to upload your own art or photos, you have endless choices on what your Frame will display as. Tie together your gallery wall with art that matches the aesthetic of your room, or have the Frame be the center of attention with a stunning Van Gogh piece. If modern abstraction is your style, find a piece that suits your room. You also have the ability to apply a matte style and color to your Frame.

Everyone loves their mounted flat screens TV, but hiding cables has become a major source of annoyance and design faux pas. The more accessories added to your TV, the more resulting wires start to draw attention away from the TV and towards the clutter below.

The Frame solved this with the One Invisible Connection; now your TV hardly stands out from any other piece on your wall. Blending in like any other print art frame, the indistinguishable Frame has solved the blemish of wires with the One Connect Box and Invisible Cable.

The high quality of the QLED brings pictures to life. With the ability to change the photo on the Frame whenever you want, you can, in turn, change the ambiance of the space however you like.

The Frame can blend in or stand out—the choice is entirely yours. The Frame comes with customizable bezel colors that fit your taste and style, that easily attach and detach with built-in magnets.

When you’re not streaming, gaming, or watching TV, you can switch the Frame into Art Mode. Art Mode displays your choice of art, whether that’s from a renowned artist, a cool photo you’ve taken, or a family photo.

Does the Frame use more power than a normal TV, since it can function as an art piece in Art Mode when not being used as a smart TV?

You would think that the Frame being in Art Mode would consume a lot of energy; after all, since it’s not completely off or showing a black screen, it’s using energy. But just how much energy?

You’ll be glad to know that the 55-inch model has an A energy label, and the 65-inch version features an A+ energy label, and a smart integrated sensor will detect when someone enters the room and determine when there’s no activity in the room. When nobody’s around, the Frame automatically switches off, keeping the TV from consuming too much energy. Energy consumption in Art Mode is also much lower than energy consumption in the normal TV mode.

Won’t the Frame no longer blend in as an art piece once the lighting in the room is darker?

That’s probably your first thought when it comes to the Samsung Frame – just how real do the pictures and paintings look? Most of the marketing photos show bright, naturally lit rooms. So does the Frame possibly look like a real photo without that bright lighting? 4K can only provide so much realism.

That’s where the sensors come in! The integrated sensors adjust the screen brightness according to the lighting in the room. That way, when the room goes darker, the screen automatically dims, ensuring that the image on the screen is displayed as realistically as possible.

Why rely on the expertise of professionals at Audio Video Charlotte to install your Frame TV?

Professionals take the stress out of installation because you know the experts at Audio Video Charlotte will do it right. We have all the equipment to mount your TV level without damaging your wall or your TV. Don’t run the risk of structural damage to your house by trying to mount a TV somewhere where there are metal studs or the wall is made of plaster. Unlike other companies, our team takes the time to make sure that beyond the physical installation, that all of your settings are configured to your needs and preferences, whether that’s parental controls or setting up phone and remote access. We ensure you have everything you need and understand how to use the entire system before we leave the house.

Audio Video Charlotte will connect all external systems to the Control Box during the installation process. We also ensure that we don’t leave a mess behind; you won’t have to worry about confusing and cluttered wires, or losing any time trying to access your favorite services and subscriptions. Our job is to make sure that when we’re finished, you get to sit down and enjoy your new entertainment system.

Additionally, the unique nature of the Frame TV means more customization, and figuring out how to navigate a new system can be a headache. For example, adjusting the preferences of Art Mode requires a connection to your smartphone, through the installation of the app, Smart Things. We can assist you in setting up your smartphone to connect to your Frame TV. We’ll work with you to set up Frame controls and customization the way you; Audio Video Charlotte knows the ins and outs of the Frame to make installation and customization a seamless experience.

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