Too many remotes and not sure which one control what? YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

In fact, most of our clients could use a little help with simplifying their entertainment components.  Think about it…what’s in your home theater? Some might have a flat screen TV, cable box and an AV receiver. Others have an entire room with a projector, big screen and lights! Either way, you likely have more than one remote to control everything. It doesn’t have to be that way!

We can set you up with a Universal Remote Control! 

Universal Remote Control has sold more than 100 million remotes in the home theater, consumer, cable TV and special markets, so we are confident in their product.

Benefits of a Universal Remote Control:

  • Control your entire home entertainment center with a single, easy-to-use control – audio, video, even lighting!
  • No more drawer full of remotes – 1 for the TV, 1 for the DVR, 1 for the Blu-ray Player, etc. – How about just ONE remote for everything!?
  • You can even name different rooms and/or components to make it fun and simple. Think, “Dan’s Mancave??? or “Mom’s iPod.??? These pre-sets make it easy to get powered up quickly.
  • Never run out of batteries for the remote again! Your Universal Remote Control comes with an attractive tabletop charging cradle so it’s always ready for action.
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