Sonos Technologies

Sonos products are best known for their superior audio, easy usability, and compatibility. The wide range of audio content makes Sonos among our clients’ most popular audio technologies. You can find wireless audio speakers, Arc soundbars, and home theater systems amongst the assortment, and many have options that suit every budget. Here is a breakdown of some of our favorites from Sonos.

Sonos ARC

We love the Sonos Arc soundbar, especially in a home theater room. This technology has high-end detailed sound and delivers an immersive 3D experience for users. Some notable features are:

  • It has 11 high-performance drivers, including two up-firing speakers that bounce sound off the ceiling, making it an all-around immersive sound experience with clarity and depth.
  • Features built-in voice control, allowing you to control your TV, streaming services, and other smart home devices using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple AirPlay 2.
  • Along with the capability to pair with a Dolby Atmos, it can stand alone or pair with other Sonus products allowing for higher-quality transmission.

The HDMI ARC and line-in ports also connect non-Sonos components like turntables or other compatible audio devices while still allowing access to all Sonos features and control; this gives consumers many options to design the home audio they want to hear. Audio Video Charlotte recommends the Sonos Arc because it offers advanced audio capabilities, easy-to-use voice control, and seamless integration with other Sonos products. It is an excellent choice for creating a stellar home theater experience. You can learn more about the Sonos Arc on their website HERE.

Wireless Speakers

There is no need to continue looking for a wireless multi-room audio system, as Sonos will enable you to stream music throughout your home. A key feature of Sonos’s audio technology is its use of wireless connectivity. Sonos speakers can connect to your home network using WiFi or Ethernet, allowing you to control your music playback from your phone, tablet, or computer. This wireless connectivity enables multi-room audio, so you can simultaneously play music in different areas of your home. Sonos also offers many weather-resistant wireless speaker options for your outdoor enjoyment.

Sonos Port and Amps

Imagine putting on your favorite song in your living room, but once you sit down, you realize you want a drink, so you head to your kitchen, and when you get there, the same song is playing because it’s integrated into a whole-house music system. This integration is what the Sonos Amp and Port can do for you. They both allow you to connect any audio equipment to the Sonos system. The look of the equipment resembles each other and will enable you to listen to streaming music and connect to wired speakers. But what is the difference?

The big difference is that the Sonos Amp has a built-in Class-D digital amplifier, and the Port does not. Another notable difference is the price, $699 vs. $499. If you have a specific amplifier you want to use instead of the built-in one on the Amp; the Port would be your best choice. There is a great downloadable PDF that Sonos provides to help you better decide between the Port or the Amp if you’re looking for specific specifications.

Creating a Home Theater with Sonos

Designing a home theater experience is effortless with Sonos. Surround yourself with multichannel surround sound heightened by impressive realistic spatial audio. Sonos speakers, soundbars, and wireless subwoofers are perfect additions to your TV setup, creating a truly immersive audio experience that will bring your movies and TV shows to life. Customize the sound settings, bass, treble, and surround sound effects all from your mobile device. Whether watching your favorite action movie or catching up on the latest Netflix series, Sonos is the perfect addition to any home theater setup.

Outdoor Audio

When planning or upgrading your outdoor entertaining space, selecting the best audio for your area is essential. There are many speaker options, from mounted speakers on porches and balconies, in-ceiling speakers that look seamless in a screened-in entertaining area, and landscape-integrated speakers that look like rocks to blend in with the environment. Audio equipment and systems from Sonos will deliver that same high-quality sound outside and withstand exposure to elements like rain, sun, and wind. If you’re considering installing an outdoor audio system, Sonos products like the Outdoor Speakers by Sonos and Sonance are weather-resistant to get full, detailed sound in your backyard.

You may want your outdoor audio to pack a punch by using exterior subwoofers compatible with your other entertainment equipment outside. Selecting the right choice for outdoor audio is up to the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs. An AV company like Audio Video Charlotte can visit your property and offer the best recommendations to meet your needs. Overall, an outdoor audio system is an excellent addition to your outdoor space, providing high-quality sound for entertainment or relaxation.

Audio Video Charlotte Installs Sonos Systems

Lean on Audio Video Charlotte’s expertise and hire a professional audio-video installer to design and install your Sonos system. Sonos products are compatible with a wide range of devices and can integrate with smart home devices you may already have, such as smart thermostats or lighting systems. Our AV professionals can design a system that links all your smart home technologies, including Sonos products. Overall, Sonos makes an excellent choice if you want a high-quality, wireless audio system that is easy to use and provides a great listening experience throughout your home.

Want Audio Video Charlotte to install your Sonos audio system? It’s easy for us to get your sound system up and running in just three steps:

  1. We set up your speakers for your home network. You will need a power source (because there is no such thing as a “wireless speaker, everything has to power up at some point).
  2. We connect the system to WiFi.
  3. We help you set up the Sonos app on your mobile device.

Not sure if Sonos will work with your system? Give us a call at 704.287.3334 or email so we can book some time to learn about you and your system needs. Audio Video Charlotte offers many home theater technologies and we will find the best products to deliver an exceptional and dynamic audio-video experience.