Who will I work with at Audio Video Charlotte?2023-03-29T12:18:42-04:00

Owner David Stollmack has been a Charlotte resident and leader in the home entertainment industry for decades. Long-time Charlotteans will remember his previous business, Audio Video Systems, the premier A/V store of its time. David grew it into one of the largest and most respected consumer electronics businesses in the nation.

Installation expert Barrie Clark has over 20 years of experience designing and installing high-quality home theater systems, lighting, and home automation. He’s a tech expert with a degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service.

Do you work with businesses?2023-03-29T12:18:19-04:00

Yes. We can outfit your conference rooms with sophisticated audio-video equipment to make work more efficient and productive. Zoom calls and Google Meets are a breeze, with projectors and screens to allow everyone in the office to join in.

Can you help me save on my cable bill and cut the cord?2023-03-29T12:17:09-04:00

Yes, we’re happy to advise on products and services that will reduce or eliminate your monthly cable bill in favor of streaming services. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite show, news outlets, and sporting events. We can install everything you need.

We are particularly partial to Apple TV 4K and Roku Ultra streaming devices, which make viewing content more accessible and more enjoyable.

How complicated are your systems? Are you going to leave me with a half dozen remotes I can’t figure out how to use?2023-03-29T12:16:43-04:00

After installation, we’ll provide one remote that’s easy to use and controls all your new systems. We won’t leave until you can use it confidently. If you have questions later, we’re just a phone call away.

Are your product prices competitive?2023-03-29T12:16:21-04:00

Yes, our prices are comparable to retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, and we would respectfully say our service is far superior. We offer a Price Match guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for the latest technologies.

Which brands do you sell?2023-03-29T12:15:21-04:00

We love to talk products, but we’ll keep this brief.

Televisions: We recommend Sony, Samsung, and LG televisions as the technology leaders.

Sony makes the best overall TVs on the market. Samsung has a very big line-up of all sizes plus offers the best-selling Frame TV. LG has been a leader in OLED TVs. OLED TVs offer the best picture quality and will continue to decrease in price. These three brands are the leaders in OLED technologies.

Surround receivers: Denon and Marantz.

Both brands are highly reliable and have been around for a long time, and offer value and sound quality.

Subwoofers and cabinet speakers: SVS.

Their products offer excellent performance. Their subwoofers are considered the best in class.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers: SnapOne Episode.

These are virtually the only architectural speakers we sell.

A well-priced product that looks and sounds great.

Wireless: Sonos.

The Sonos system gives you total control over more than just your TV speakers. Control your home audio, lighting, and more with the touch of a button. You can connect to existing speakers, whether bookshelf, floor-standing outdoor, in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers.

Remote controls: URC.

We can advise on the best combination of products to deliver the results you want.

Do you recommend we buy our TV or audio-video system from you?2023-03-29T12:10:16-04:00

We do. Buying from Audio Video Charlotte helps ensure you receive the absolute best products for your audio-video setup. Our team has decades of experience in the audio-video industry. We are well-versed in the latest offerings and can give informed recommendations to meet your needs.

We take pride in making the process easy, from our first consultation with you to the day we complete your installation and show you how to use your new system.

Will you install the TV or audio-video system I already bought?2023-03-29T12:08:51-04:00

We will! See the answer to the following question for specifics.

Can you help me install my TVs, audio system, lighting, or security system?2023-03-29T12:08:29-04:00

Yes. Our key services include creating home theater and media rooms, television mounting and set up, audio system set up, and set up of lighting and surveillance security systems. We work at residences and businesses.


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