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Why Pre-Wire?

In our industry, we’ve seen our share of homeowners in difficult situations due to poor pre-wiring by either themselves or a general contractor. Let us set you up for success by pre-wiring the home you plan to remodel or build. Trust us; we are the experts.

Doing it right the first time saves you time and money and ensures you get technology that works correctly and precisely. That’s why whether you need to install a home theater system or in-ceiling speakers or want to enjoy fast and reliable internet speeds, you need to have wiring installed by a professional audio-video professional!

It takes a team working together to design new construction homes or to revamp your new-to-you home. We support you and your builders and want to ensure your home is set up for technology success.

How Pre-Wiring a Home is a Fast Way to Future-Proof

Homes pre-wired for Smart Home technology and structured wiring systems are necessary for new homes. During the pre-wiring process, our technician will run the appropriate cables to connect different technologies, even if they are not currently in use. This “future-proofing” allows additional equipment to be added and installed without re-opening your finished walls. By planning, we ensure that your AV experience is seamless and easy while preparing for future add-ons. Our pre-wiring design makes the installation of audio, smart-home technologies, lighting, networking, security systems, and other home entertainment easy.


Preparing is critical when pre-wiring your home. We suggest running two CAT6 cables and an HDMI cable while pre-wiring homes. You must plan for your AV equipment rack location, where TVs will be hung, and think about future technologies. This is where Audio Video Charlotte comes in. We will look at the space and find the best solution for your future equipment and the most straightforward internet connection points and TV outlets.

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We deliver the highest-quality wiring installation services throughout the Charlotte area and beyond. You only get one chance to do it right before the drywall goes up; like you only get one chance to make a great first impression, you only get one chance to pre-wire your home correctly.
Pre-wiring a home will set you up to install a home theater, outdoor entertainment, in-ceiling speakers, and more. We have a wiring service for any technology in your home:

  • Wiring for TV, Audio Systems
  • Home Theaters
  • WiFi Installation
  • Full Home or Office
  • Structured Cabling for Video Displays
  • Smart Home Wiring
  • Pre-planning with Engineer & Electrician
  • Low Voltage Wiring for Audio
  • Projectors and Screens

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Getting your home correctly pre-wired is critical to not only ensuring the best performance but the best function as well.

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