It’s Really About Your Enjoyment!

Audio Video Charlotte was founded by individuals with decades of experience integrating electronic entertainment systems into Charlotte-area homes.

They saw the need for something better than big box stores. They understand that audio visual systems installed properly and – cleverly applied – can make home entertainment better than most people have ever imagined.

Everything we do at Audio Video Charlotte is to make your home entertainment more accessible and more fun for you and your family.

Audio Video Charlotte is nothing like those big box home electronics store – big and loud with walls of TVs, receivers and speakers. What’s promoted there as “choice??? too often results in confusion for you once it all gets home. There is more to buying and enjoying a large screen TV than taking it out of the box. Just plugging in a beautiful new plasma TV can be frustrating and end in poor visual results.

It’s only become worse as components have become ever more complex and incompatible. The in-home result is all too familiar – a coffee table strewn with remote controls and often only one person in the household who’s actually mastered the fiendishly complicated procedures needed to get the system to operate.

We’re In The Business Of Making You Happy.

With Audio Video Charlotte, you get something entirely different, something much better – simple control.