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At Audio Video Charlotte , our roots go deep in the audio/video industry. Over the decades,we’ve been fortunate to establish relationships with many of the finest brand names in the business. More importantly,we’ve become excellent judges of the individual Audio Video Products that offer exceptional performance and value. And these are the only components we offer our clients.

On this page we have offered a brief overview of the following products: LG, Samsung, Sony Video, Marantz Audio, URC Remote Control, Definitive Technology Speakers, Sonos speakers, and Denon Heos sound systems. For more information call the audio video experts at Audio Video Charlotte. We will be happy to quote pricing over the phone and give you all the latest information on these great TV systems.

Current brands receiving our highest recommendation include:


LG, Samsung and Sony Video

Just exactly who is producing the highest value flat screen television or Blu-ray disc player at any particular time is a horse race between these three renowned manufacturers. Luckily,we can always get you the winner.


Marantz Audio

It’s no stretch to apply the term “legendary??? to the name Marantz. Since the 1960’s, when it established the highest standards for fidelity and innovation, Marantz has remained a major player in the design and manufacture of high fidelity audio components.Today, the company is particularly acclaimed for its A/V receivers.


URC Remote Control

Chances are, you already own a remote control made by URC. It’s the company that supplies the remotes of many of the world’s major consumer electronics brands. URC also produces remotes under their own name.We recommend URC as the “one remote??? to control all of your electronic entertainment.

Definitive Speakers

Definitive Technology Speakers

“Def Tech” speakers probably hold the record for number of rave reviews in the audio press.Not only do critics love their ultimate performance, they marvel at their extraordinary value. Def Tech offers a very broad line of models, from nearly invisible wall-mounts to shakethe- foundation “SuperTowers.???


Sonos Speakers


Sonos is no ordinary streaming speakers solution — it’s a fully integrated wireless HiFi system. It’s know for Simplicity. Simple Installation: No rewiring. No complex programming. The speakers can go anywhere in your house and connect to your home WiFi network with the easy-to-use Sonos app. Simple Control: Manager your music with the free Sonos Controller Apps for Android devices, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

Denon Wireless System

Denon Heos

Heos is a wireless multi-room sound system. You can access all of your music, add other users to the line-up to vary the playlist or personalize the room according to the user: Mom’s tunes in the kitchen, Dad’s in the office. Stream from your favorite music service, phone or network with the Heos app. Your music is at your command…In any room or every room.

Product Reviews by David

Definitive Technology

Buy Definitive Speakers at Audio Video Charlotte Charlotte

Experience Definitive Speakers at Audio Video Charlotte Charlotte

In 1988, I owned Audio Video Systems in Charlotte and we had just begun what was to be a 14 year successful run as Charlotte’s leading audio/video specialist. One day I received a call from Sandy Gross who had been a founder and sales/marketing VP of Polk Audio. Polk Audio was a tremendously successful speaker manufacturer but Sandy no longer worked there. Sandy called to tell me about Definitive Technology which was his new speaker line. We already carried Polk Audio and two other very good speakers so I really wasn’t very interested. Sandy continued to contact me until I finally decided to order the the only product he was manufacturing which was the Definitive Technology BP-10. Little did I know that the BP-10 was really “trojan horse.”

We quickly become hooked on the BP-10 and sold quite a few. Naturally as the line was expanded we wanted to carry all the new products. In short order, Definitive Technology became our “go to” speaker line and our number one seller. Supporting Sandy Gross and Definitive Technology was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Over the next 13 years we sold millions of dollars of Definitive Technology products to an ever increasingly loyal clientele.

Almost from the beginning, I recognized that Definitive Technology offered the best combination of quality, cosmetics, and value of any speaker manufacturer. In 1973 when I opened my first stereo store in Charlotte, cosmetics were not that important. Over the past 10-15 years the appearance of the speakers (or the ability to hide them) have become a critical element to consumers who want great sound and demand an appearance compatible with their living environment.

Definitive Technology has excelled in both areas and has become the most awarded speaker brand in the history of consumer electronics. When Mathieu Billarant and I decided to open Audio Video Charlotte it was only natural that we would carry Definitive Technology as our main speaker line. I am happy to sell and install the brand I’ve used in my own home for over 20 years.

David Stollmack, Audio Video Charlotte

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