Three of the Best TVs for Super Bowl Season

The Super Bowl is nearly upon us! Get those garages cleaned out and the man-caves ready for one of the biggest sports events in America. This year, Audio Video Charlotte is offering three systems that will deliver the best watching experience, and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your couch. Pick your favorite and we will do the rest!

There are plenty of TVs out there, all promising a better experience, but which are the best for all-around viewing that won’t cost an arm and a leg? When it comes down to it, you have three options: a good, standard television, a better version, then there is the best system–and Audio Video Charlotte has plenty of each of these three. Which one is best for your entertainment room? Let’s take a look at the differences between these three models and you can decide for yourself.


The Good: The Superbowl Hero System

-Sony XR77A80L

-Price online: $2,729

-Audio Video Charlotte price: $2,699

Sony XR77A80L from Audio Video Charlotte

Sony’s A80L is good for mixed usage, due to its quality HDR brightness and SDR brightness. These provide a wonderful color pop when watching in a dark room. But, then again, due to its high level of reflection handling, the colors even pop when the TV is being viewed in a brightly lit room.

Gaming, sports, movies, this TV shows a solid picture with them all. When in gaming mode, we suggest playing in a dark room in order to get the best visual impact, but when it comes to watching the big game, bright or dark will do. Another bonus is this TV is a good one for operating as a PC monitor if you are somewhat of a techy. Here are our favorite features to this TV:

  • Impressive color textures–primarily the black uniformity
  • A seemingly endless contrast ratio for deep colors
  • Easily upscales low-resolution streaming quickly
  • Superior reflection handling
  • Easily, and clearly viewable from multiple angles



The Better: The Taylor Swift

-Samsung QN85QN90CA

-Price online: over $3K

-A.V.C. price: $2,999

Samsung QN85QN90CA from Audio Video Charlotte

Like the Sony, this Samsung TV is great for watching movies, sports, gaming–it’s multifunctional. Thanks to its expert contrast ratio, high peak brightness and superb reflection handling, the AN90C is a bit of a step up. It truly doesn’t matter if you use this TV in a bright or dark room, as it is built to adapt. The viewing angle is also a step up since you can basically walk anywhere around the TV (besides walking behind it) and the picture will be crystal clear.


What we find most impressive with this TV–one thing that really makes it stick out–is its quick response time. There is no lag, so you don’t have to worry about missing a sudden turnover in the big game, and/or if you want to play some video games, you won’t have to worry about low input–plus, there is a surprising selection of gaming features that come with this TV. Here are some specific features we like:


  • Consistent image quality when viewed at moderate angles
  • Never an issue with glare due to the high peak brightness
  • Incredibly easy-to-use interface with tons of apps and features
  • Above-average picture quality whether in a dark or light room


The Best: The Superbowl Legend

-Samsung QN55LS03BA

-Price online: $1,600

-Our price: $1499

Samsung QN55LS03BA From Audio Video Charlotte

Samsung’s Frame TV combines the quality of a beautiful, live hanging picture with the performance of a high-level smart television. The ultra-slim screen easily mounts to any type of wall and can easily turn into a wonderful piece of art–you can even purchase different color frames to snap on the TV to make it look even more like a piece of wall art.

The Frame’s high peak brightness and reflection handling are unmatched, and it does a great job of upscaling low-resolution content. Perfect for gaming or sports or watching movies, this TV performs in dark or light rooms, as it adjusts on its own, and quickly too. You won’t even notice it changing tints or tones. Even the sound with this TV is smart: it gets louder when those in the room get loud, then quiets down when the room does the same. So don’t worry about yelling at the refs with this TV, you won’t drowned out the announcers.

Here are some specific things we like about The Frame TV:

  • Incredible contrast ratio
  • High SDR peak brightness gets rid of glare
  • Matte screen finish impressively handles reflection issues
  • Art Mode allows for another level of TV functionality
  • Impressive smart features that keep you from having to set and reset ratios, etc.

The best features that comes with all three TVs is that when buying directly from Audio Video Charlotte instead of purchasing from a big box store, you get the following benefits:

  1. Better Pricing
  2. Best Products
  3. No Checkout Lines
  4. Streamlined Purchasing Process
  5. Delivery to Your Door
  6. Insider Product Knowledge
  7. Professional Installation
  8. Compatible Device Selection/Expertise


Audio Video Charlotte brings the experience to you. We can do all the setup so that you are ready to watch the big game on your new TV in the comfort of your own home. How to get started? Calling or visiting us at Audio Video Charlotte should be your first move toward furnishing your home with the finest in all things audio and video. But, if you would like to show off your new setup by the time the Super Bowl rolls around, consider the following:


  • What is your situation? Do you want your television to be the main focus of the room or would you rather it blend into the wall and become a part of the room’s aesthetic? Maybe you don’t want the television to be noticed at all. If this sounds like you, we suggest the Samsung Frame TV. When the television is not in use, it doubles as a picture frame holding your favorite piece of art or family photo. This is a fun one to surprise guests with because you truly can’t tell it’s a television until it’s turned on. This enables you to easily turn your media room into a regular room at any point.


  • Get a professional opinion for the layout and size (of television)—but keep in mind that bigger is better, especially for the big game! Obviously, we are the professionals to help you in this area, but it is a good idea to make a trip and physically look at differently sized televisions. Once you have a size in mind, picture the wall or section of the room it will sit in and try to determine if it’s either too big or too small or just right. We suggest going with at least a 65-inch screen. This is a good size for movie nights, sporting events, televised concerts, you name it. Once you have an idea, you don’t have to commit. Since this is the biggest step, deciding on the size and placement of your new system, we will come out to your house for a free consultation before you buy anything.


At Audio Video Charlotte, we design, install, and service any and all kinds of home entertainment devices. From surround sound speakers to 4K Ultra HD smart TVs to universal remotes, we can deliver the home entertainment experience you’ve always wanted (maybe even the one you didn’t know you wanted). The key to great home entertainment is designing a solution that fits your lifestyle and needs, which is why we offer no-obligation, free in-home consultations in the North and South Carolina area. We’ll assess your space and offer recommendations for the best equipment and setup to meet your goals.


Whether your team makes it to the Bowl or not, it’s time to get that man cave ready. Come visit us today so we can help you get set for watching the Super Bo