Do you ever come home to a dark, unsafe feeling home? That ends today and can be as simple as “Hey Siri, turn on the front door light” or “Hey Siri, can you turn off all the lights?”. Audio Video Charlotte feels that it is important to always be invited into to your own home every night; especially your children as they get home late from after school activities or your wife coming home from work. No one needs to feel unsafe anymore!

Lutron offers comprehensive, smart lighting experiences for your home. With an exciting range featuring hundreds of lighting options, you’ll have the wireless lighting control options all from the touch of a switch plate or a swipe from an app on your phone. The Lutron app is free to download from the app store, and works with both Android and IOS devices.


Lutron RA2 System

The Lutron RA2 Select System comprises of a family of tabletop and in-wall switches and dimmers, complemented by access from a versatile remote control and lighting control app. The Lutron RA2 Select System fits seamlessly into your home, meaning that you don’t have to purchase new light fixtures or lamps, and the in-wall switch plates look like any other traditional switch, except that they’re battery powered with a lifespan of up to five years. The handheld Pico remote slides into a pedestal mount, making a beautiful decorative and easily accessible remote control that can live right on your end tables, nightstands, or coffee tables. Lutron will effortlessly become a part of your home and routine.

Did you know?

Light dimmers may save you money in the long run! Dimmers save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulb, and enabling you to operate your bulbs with lower power output. If it runs at lower capacity, you may also experience an extended lifespan of your bulbs.


Embrace a stylistic approach, while harnessing natural lighting.

The high-end dimmers, switches, and remotes from Lutron come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit your home’s aesthetic. Moreover, you have the ability to refit existing lamps and lights in your home to meet your needs.

Lutron offers a range of lamp dimmers that simply plug into the wall. Plug your lamp into the dimmer, and enjoy controlled lighting. If you have a certain hour you wake up at or turn the lights off for the children, Lutron timers allow you to program each of your lights or your entire system on a personalized schedule. Lutron devices can also run on an astronomical time clock, so that your lights turn on at dusk and off in the morning, without you ever having to push a button.


Welcome yourself and others home in the dark at the push of a button.

While Lutron lights provide ease of functionality and style, they can also meet your security needs. With Lutron’s customizable scheduling, lights can be turned on and off whether you’re at home or on vacation across the world. Different areas of your home can be programmed to turn on in the evening to give the appearance of someone being present in the home, when they’re not. The flexibility of the app allows you to schedule as many events as you like, whether that’s customizations for every day of the week, or for just one weekend.

The customization of the Lutron RA2 Select System is perfect for families operating on different schedules. You could have the lights turn on and off for the parent who wakes up earlier than everyone else, or turn on for the kids returning from after-school activities so they’re not coming home in the dark in the winter.

Lutron offers full control with the touch of one button from their app or your car’s sun visor clip. The remote control operation makes it simple to remotely turn on lights when you come home, and understandably don’t want to walk up to a dark house. The Lutron sun visor remote provides an outstanding range of 400 feet, if you prefer to turn the lights on in your house, garage, or front door before you pull into the driveway without the distraction of a phone app. Within the app, you have the power to name each light or bundle lights into rooms to control together. It’s never been easier to manage your lighting from wherever you are in or outside of your home.


Lutron offers unlimited customization and a wide range of devices.

The Lutron comprises of the main repeater that plugs hardwired into your network. The main repeater can have up to 99 devices on it; the main repeater counts as 1 device, so the entire system can have 99 additional devices, including tabletop dimmers and switches, in-wall dimmers and switches, and multiple handheld remotes.


Lutron lighting gives you all the versatility of a massive control system, without the expense or an intrusive installation process.

Have control when you want it, wherever you are. The RA2 Select system gives you personalized and customized smart lighting in any home, at any budget. Whether you want Lutron lighting for the increased comfort and convenience, or for the enhanced peace of mind while you’re away from home, the RA2 select is the technology you can count on. Talk to the experts at Audio Video Charlotte today about the best Lutron lighting options for your home and space.