Moving? It’s the Perfect Time For an Audio Video Upgrade

Spring is almost here. Warmer temperatures, flowers and trees [...]

Experience the Audio Video Charlotte Difference: Our Favorite Q’s To Start Designing the Coolest Home Theatre

Remember the days when that home in the neighborhood [...]

Six Audio Video Charlotte-Approved Father’s Day Gifts the ‘Tech Dad’ Will Love

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This is what we loved at CES – Audio/Video Highlights from CES 2018

If you’re an AV junkie, this is one of the coolest times of the year. The holidays are over, and that means it’s time for CES 2018 – the annual showcase of all the cool tech you can expect coming down the line for your Charlotte, NC audio video system. From advancements in 4K technology to the thinnest video display we’ve seen yet, there’s plenty to love about this year’s event. Didn’t make it to Vegas to see it live? No problem! Here’s where you’ll find all of the coolest tech we loved. Keep reading for more.

How does your home technology stack up to your car?

Think about all the built-in conveniences your car has: remote keyless entry, motorized windows, back-up camera, alarm, automatic speed control, GPS, Bluetooth, premium sound system, automatic temperature control, automatically adjusts to your preferred seat & mirror settings, crash avoidance protection, etc. Now, think about your home. Is your car more automatic than your home? If so, it's time for an upgrade.


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