Whether you are just moving in and are trying to figure out how to set up your television and speakers and internet, or you are simply trying to figure out how to get the best picture, sound, and speed with what you already have, Audio Video Charlotte’s technicians can help according to your specific situation. We’ve seen it all and have been trained to work with what you have, rather than pulling it all out and starting new (which can be quite expensive), so don’t panic! We’re just a call away—and we can save you plenty of money.

No matter what your situation looks like, there are some products we recommend to everyone because they can adapt and be used in just about any media configuration.

Here is a shortlist of our favorite, most accessible products:

  • Marantz Network Receiver. A network receiver, or A/V receiver, serves as the nerve center for your entire system. To make your theater sound its best, the Marantz receiver can decode pre-set surround sound configurations and send the right signals to your loudspeakers—and it can also switch between audio and video components.

It is important to note that not all A/V receivers are equal, and if you want one that will last for many years without any hiccups, we highly recommend any Marantz receiver. These have large power transformers and clean amp channels. They range from 20hz to 20 khz and all come at a low distortion number.

  • Surge Protectors. These are incredibly important, especially if you have a lot of equipment plugged in—which, these days, is just about all of us. Surge protectors absorb excess voltage by soaking it up through metal oxide components and then transplanting that voltage safely into a ground wire. This keeps all your electronics from getting hit with too much power and frying them.

We recommend any of the following surge protectors:

  • Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL.
  • AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector.
  • APC SurgeArrest P11VNT3.
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300.
  • Belkin PivotPlug BP112230-08.
  • Tripp-Lite 2-Outlet Traveler.
  • APC SurgeArrest P12U2.
  • Austere VII.
  • Network Switch. When you have a wired network that is working together, a network switch can be used to connect other devices using Ethernet cables. Once they are all connected by the switch, they can easily communicate with one another in a faster method than even the internet uses.

We recommend using what’s called an “unmanaged switch,” which comes with no settings or specifications and works to simply add more Ethernet ports to your already-existing network. While your router handles your internet connection, the unmanaged switch can talk to the attached devices allowing or restricting what they can do: think parental controls and other similar settings.

  • Apple TV. There are tons of streaming devices out there, and even more on their way to the market, but we have found Apple TV to be both easy to use and quite impressive to take in.

With Apple, you can stream all the video content from the iTunes Store, plus anything stored in the Cloud. Apple TV serves as a computer attached to your television, as well as, a streaming device. You can easily download apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Youtube TV, plus tons more. You can also use services like AirPlay and iPhoto to make your screen customized.

All Apple TVs come with dedicated processors that make it run quickly and smoothly. Since the Apple TV box is separate from the TV it is serving, there is hardly ever any lag, and switching from apps is seamless.

Don’t get frustrated with your current home-theater setup. Rather than throw everything out and start new, let one of Audio Video Charlotte’s technicians come out to have a look. Chances are good that we can work with what is already there to make your media setup the best it can possibly be.