Serious question – what if there was a way you could save money, but still have all your favorite shows and watch them on your time?

Here’s a two-word answer to that q: Streaming services.

Streaming services have forever changed the game of TV. If you’re a #trendfollower, then you’ll definitely want to follow this one. However, before you pick a streaming service, you’ll have to cut the cord, first. Literally. The cable cord.

For those of us born and raised on cable, that might be a tough choice. Here are the pros and cons of cutting cable.



It’ll save you money in the long run. Having a streaming service is a long play; you can save you some major money over the course of time. Most people who have cable pay at least $100 or more a month, while streaming services range from $16-$40. Data supports the theory – you can save at least $60 a month and $800 a year according The Cord Cutting Report.  There is a lot you could do with an extra $60 a month, right?! You will need a good streaming device as well which you can afford now that you’ve saved that extra $60 a month. Some top devices we recommend: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, XBOX one, Playstation Vue, and more.

You’ll save your most valuable commodity – time. Not only can you save your money, but you can save yourself a little extra time. Like all Americans these days, you’re busy trying to do a million things at once. A TV streaming service will give you back control of your time. You can watch your favorite shows when want to, and how you want to – many times you can control your choices via your mobile phone, too.

It’s a customized experience. Seriously – how many cable channels are you actually watching? All 190 – or maybe just five or six? A streaming service can give you the ability to easily control and customize the channels you want to view. No more sifting through channel after channel hunting for something to watch.

No hidden fees. Enough said. Getting your first cable bill is almost a rite of passage. You get the bill and have lots of questions as to why you were charged an extra $1.99 and $19.99. (Arguing with the cable company is another rite of passage. #adulting) There are no extra, surprise fees here. Streaming services offer a fixed price for the month. There aren’t any vague fees tacked on or vague services provided. If you’re done reading the fine print, a streaming service might be right up your alley.

Streaming services ain’t perfect. Here are some things to think about.



You must have high speed Internet. Yes, you may be saving money by cutting the cable cord, but you may have to pay a little extra for some strong, fast, and dependable high-speed internet. Streaming services thrive off high speed internet which is why you might experience some buffering and glitching when trying to watch your shows without it. That can be a game-changer if you’re watching a well-designed media room.

Limited channels. Not having cable might limit you to certain channels such as broadcast major sports games, E! News, and more. You can pay a little extra for these channels on streaming services, but it might be worth it. You can resolve this by downfall by having a TV antenna which will give you the basic channels you need for those sports games you can’t miss.

Goodbye, DVR. One thing about streaming service that might turn people off is the inability to use DVR and record your shows. Having a streaming service is just like having your shows recorded, but you can’t fast forward or rewind on most shows without having to go through a commercial. Now you can pay more for commercial free, but, again, that’s going to cost you. If you don’t mind a few seconds of commercials then you should be fine.

Whether you decide if you want to keep your cable or hope on the new wave of streaming services, take each aspect into consideration. At the end of the day, streaming services seem to be the more efficient, more affordable, and easier to customize which are experiences we’ve never had with cable.

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