How does one get that warm and cozy yule log experience without chopping wood or turning on an expensive gas fireplace? You can easily go to YouTube on your smart TV and find an endlessly streaming video–a virtual scene perfect for any date night or family night. But only if you have the right TV. A pixelated log won’t do; a dull flame does nothing to create that cozy feel. You don’t need any old smart TV, you need one that produces crisp colors and intense contrasts, and at Audio Video Charlotte, we have three of the best TVs for you to choose from.

Samsung Frame TV - Smart Yule Log experience at Christmas

This season, let a brand-new TV set the holiday vibe for your family. Movies and shows and virtual yule logs, tis the season! If you are unsure of what type of TV you want, as not all smart televisions are alike (some are better than others for gaming or displaying photos), it’s important to do a little research first. Luckily, we have already done this for you!

Check out these three high-performing TVs in order to see which is best for your home:

The Samsung Frame TV

Samsung’s Frame TV is one for the books, as it combines the quality of a hanging picture with the performance of a high-level smart television. The Frame comes with a small stand for those who want to set it up like a regular screen, but chances are most Frames are hanging flush on a wall as intended. The ultra-slim screen easily mounts to any type of wall and as surprising as it sounds, it can turn into a wonderful piece of art.

At first glance, it looks like a regular, modern television: it has a thin black bezel that surrounds the screen, there are cords to connect of course, and the screen itself looks like one would expect it to. But, looks can be deceiving. Upon closer inspection, the cords are all made so that they can easily fit snugly against a wall and the screen itself has a matte finish to it, which almost feels like a stiff piece of canvas. Even the black bezel that frames the screen can be covered by purchasing one of Samsung’s customizable frames, which are offered at an extra cost and come in seven different colors with a modern or beveled design.

“Art Mode” is the key feature of the Frame TV. This allows you to display your own photos and images or a pre-loaded image that comes with the TV. You can also buy any of the 1,400 digital artworks that are available for download when navigating to the Art Store–a $4.99 a month subscription allows you to change up these images so you never get tired of looking at the same one.

What is so impressive about Art Mode is that it truly looks like a painting due to Samsung’s innovative Matte Display Film Finish that expertly filters out light to eliminate any onscreen glare. What this does is allows photos and artwork to show at a much higher degree of detail. And, though one would think keeping the TV turned on all hours of the day is not such an eco-friendly idea, Samsung took care of that by including an intelligent motion sensor to the TV that allows the screen to sleep when no one is around and wake up when it detects someone’s presence in the room. Then it switches back off when the room is empty again. Pretty smart, eh? Outside of displaying art, The Frame TV comes as an LCD with edge-lit LED backlighting, as well as Quantum Dots to achieve a higher color volume. All this to say, it’s an art TV that’s also good for watching movies and shows, and even playing video games.

At Audio Visual  Charlotte, we recommend the QN65LS03BA model of The Frame TV, which comes at a price point of $2,599.

The LG OLED C3 TV             

LG’s C series TVs are a group of high-performing 4K televisions that come at different price points. The C1 and C2 both have already gained notoriety as being everything one would want in the visual spectrum: perfectly dark blacks, intense contrast, and vibrant coloration. The C3 has all of these things but at an even higher level.

One aspect that makes the C3 stick out is its ultra-stylish and sleek feel. This OLED TV is incredibly thin with a small metal bezel that surrounds the screen. The power cable comes from the bottom center of the box, but all other ports are located on the left edge of the screen, which allows for easy access. These ports include an IR blaster, a coaxial cable, RS-232C for service, S/PDIF digital audio out, Ethernet, three USBs, and four HDMI plugins.




What helps this TV stand out even more is that the HDMI is a 2.1 standard, which gives the maximum bandwidth for watching a 4K screen at 120Hz. This means movies, shows, and games all show clean, crisp contrasts and colors.

OLED55C3PUA - Yule Log at Christmas on OLE Smart TV

In order to get the best viewing experience with the LG OLED C3, we highly suggest the OLED55C3PUA, which comes at $1,399.


The Samsung Neo QLED

Some of the most realistic TV watching, whether it’s watching a movie or playing a video game, comes from Samsung’s 4K HDR Smart TV. By pairing a Quantum Matrix of Mini LEDs, Quantum Dot, and Neo Quantum HDR processing, this television offers lifelike imaging every time it is turned on. The provision of contrast and illumination allows for intense brights and heavy darks simultaneously, which is something truly innovative.

Here are some of the many features of the QLED:

  • An on-screen guide that streams live TV and recommends content.
  • Ambient Mode+, which allows you to display content on the screen even when the TV is turned off.
  • An option of multiple voice-activated assistants built into the TV, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the right button on the remote or the TV itself.
  • The ability to watch TV without a subscription by pairing your home Wi-Fi with the Samsung TV Plus feature.
  • It is compatible with SmartThings so you can control other smart devices through your TV.
  • Music Wall, a feature that allows you to create different visuals that move to the beat of the music that is playing–even when the TV is turned off.
  • It can conduct video calls through ConnecTime, an optional feature that uses a SlimFit or Logitech camera to make video calls.

But there’s more! Filmmaker Mode is an impressive feature that allows you to watch movies and television shows as they were meant to be watched by preserving all aspects of the director’s creative intent.

Then there are the audio features:

  • Realistic 3D sound with Object Tracking Sound.
  • Q-Symphony for surround sound (you will need the optional soundbar for this).
  • Active Voice Amplifier, which helps to cut outside noise by comparing the TV volume to that of the environment it is in–this is great for getting clear dialogue.
  • The ability to connect to Dolby Atmos technology, which brings cinematic audio to an entirely new level.

We recommend the QN65QN85CA, which comes at a price of $1,799.

These days there are so many TV types to choose from, but not all are built to last like the three discussed above. However, if you are still unsure of which TV to purchase, come see us at Audio Video Charlotte today and let us help you narrow down your decision to that one, perfect screen. Then you can take it straight home and pull up a visual of a crisp and clear holiday yule log.

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