At Audio Video Charlotte, we create extraordinary audio-video experiences for your home and business. We use many cable wiring products that are hidden to deliver spectacular technology without unsightly wires.

Cat6 and Baluns are part of our standard wiring recommendations for old and new systems.

What is Cat6?

Cat6 stands for a Category 6 ethernet cable. There are a variety of category ethernet cables that all have various purposes, but the Cat6 offers explicitly high data transfer speeds for longer distances. They are the standard for ethernet cables and consist of four pairs of copper wires, all used for data transfer.

Cat6 cables are used in homes and businesses for computer networking, ISDN phones, Smart TVs, gaming, and more. These cables are able to take speeds far higher than the internet.

Benefits of using Cat6 cabling:

  1. The maximum supported throughput of a Cat6 cable is 10Gbps, and it can cover a max distance of 100 Meters (328 feet).  Bulk cables are available for even longer distances.
  2. It may be used indoors and outdoors and has outdoor and burial ratings that support low-voltage cabling.
  3. A Cat6 cable reaches a Gb, 1000 Mbps, or one Gbps of data transfer speed or higher.
  4. Cat6 cables are tightly wound to provide higher data transfer and cover more distance than older Category cable models.

What is a Balun?

A balun is a small transformer that converts an audio or video signal from unbalanced to balanced (or vice-versa). We use baluns at the end of Cat6 cabling to offer our clients the best technology. Additionally, baluns save our clients money because they eliminate the need for expensive HDMI cabling.

Benefits of using baluns:

  1. Baluns extend transmission distances.
  2. The price of baluns can vary depending on the wiring length and signal.
  3. They can use existing wiring and are placed to balance transition points.
  4. Baluns offer a lower installation cost. The alternative would be running HDMI, which becomes very expensive given the distance and project.
  5. They increase efficiency and simplify installations.

Why use Cat6 & Baluns

This wiring technique future-proofs a home or office.  The cabling is fast, efficient, reaches over long distances, and can handle every kind of technology available now and into the extended future.  Baluns dramatically cut the cost of wiring a home or office and work very well with Cat6 Cable.

Are you thinking about pre-wiring a new home or starting a home renovation? Call Audio Video Charlotte today. We service the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area and will walk through your project and propose the best wiring for your new home that will think about the future, saving you thousands in the end.