According to DataReportal, at the beginning of 2022, there were 307.2 million internet users in the US. The technology we rely on the most in our homes is our WiFi but believe it or not, WiFi speeds and connections are one of the biggest complaints we hear while we are in our client’s homes. When your internet provider installs an internet connection up to your home, their service typically ends there. You can then be left with spotty internet speeds, and it’s up to you to determine how to maximize the speeds yourself—our answer to your internet problem is the Ubiquity AmpliFi HD Mesh WiFi System.

Audio Video Charlotte trusts and installs AmpliFi HD routers because their connection to the internet creates the ultimate WiFi system. With turbocharged 802.11ac WiFi, it utilizes multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology to bring internet coverage to any home, regardless of size. The AmpliFi HD Mesh WiFi System can also reach outdoor and backyard spaces that your typical routers cannot.


How Amplifi Connects with Other DevicesImproved WiFi System

We all know that Audio Video Charlotte is a big fan of Apple’s Apple TV 4K streaming device. With so many homeowners using other Apple products, Amplifi HD doesn’t miss a beat. Here at Audio Video Charlotte, we are in year five of using this product, and it has proven itself to be a very well-made, well-rounded, and feature-packed product.


Amplifi HD Features and Benefits

Other than reliability, here are some of the other notable features of the Amplifi HD router that make it one of our favorites in the industry:

  • Excellent coverage: It gives fast and reliable WiFi into areas of people’s homes that previously had none.
  • Compatible with your Google account: You have remote access through your account, which can assist in offering support from a distance.
  • It’s easy: Ubiquity’s Amplifi HD router is simple and easy to restart and reboot if it becomes unplugged or loses power. It offers real-time data to the owner without compromising its security.
  • Security: Even with remote access through Google, the security protection is excellent!
  • Easy updating: The touchscreen display, located in the small circle on the front of the router, allows the user to perform system updates without complicated software. It even notifies the user of an update. With a tap of a button, the system updates itself!
  • Hardwiring capability: Hardwiring the internet is the key to the best speeds, and this router includes a built-in 4x Port network switch. The ports allow additional hardware and devices to be hardwired to the router. Hardwiring capabilities are especially great if the router is in a cabinet next to another audio-video product, such as a receiver that might have a built-in streaming platform like HEOS by Denon, a Samsung One-Connect box, or an Apple TV 4K. The devices will all have better internet access because they will not be using WiFi, freeing it up for other devices in your home.

If you have internet lag, are experiencing buffering, and are ready to get the internet speeds you pay for, contact Audio Video Charlotte at 704-287-3334. It can be a bit daunting to switch to another internet product, but Ubiquity’s Amplifi HD router has proven to be just as reliable. We will come into your home or business, assess the current internet speeds and then get to work. After the internet upgrade, we promise that you will see a difference in your connection so you can get back to the thing that matters the most to you and your family.