Remember the old days (you know, every year before 2020) when you could pile into a movie theater with your friends to catch the summer blockbuster? Remember how powerful-yet-balanced the sound was and how it helped create an immersive experience during the most dramatic and action-packed scenes? 

Much of that incredible sound can be attributed to subwoofers and the low-end frequencies they reproduce. If you want your home AV system to emulate that of a cinema, then investing in a quality subwoofer is imperative. 

Don’t know much about this type of speaker or where to start when it comes to researching the plethora of models out there? Well, Audio Video Charlotte has you covered. Below, we’ll explain the role a subwoofer plays in a home theater system and help you choose a suitable model for your room!


The Function of a Subwoofer 

A subwoofer reproduces the lowest frequency of tones found in film and music (from 20 to 200 Hz), which sets them apart from other types of home AV speakers. Some of these tones are so low that you won’t even hear them, but if your subwoofer is powerful and effective enough, you will feel the tones’ vibrations. 

The subwoofer is one of the most recognizable pieces of home AV equipment; it’s often the most prominent speaker in a sound system, and it usually comes with its own enclosure. An audio receiver or amplifier/preamplifier transmits the low-frequency signals and effects (LFEs) to the subwoofer. In most cases, a subwoofer requires its own power supply. 

OK, so you’re not required to have a subwoofer. Your home AV system will probably function without one. But neglecting to include a subwoofer in your system will significantly limit your entertainment experience. Not only will you miss out on the lowest tones of your movies, TV shows, or songs, but the highest frequencies will be compromised because the other speakers are not capable of handling the full range of sound. In other words, using a subwoofer allows you to enjoy the powerful, rich, and three-dimensional audio experience of a movie theater. 


Top Products 

Looking at this section, you’ll probably notice a trend. Audio Video Charlotte has a thing for SVS subwoofers. In our opinion, all SVS models provide world-class sound quality at affordable prices. And they can also add visual appeal to any room, especially if you opt for a wireless kit that eliminates the need for those pesky wires! Let’s take a quick look at a few of our favorite SVS subwoofers:

SVS 3000 Micro 

This is perhaps the subwoofer we are most excited about at the moment. Many companies have tried to create a micro subwoofer that gets the job done, but the new SVS 3000 Micro is the first one to succeed. It obliterates all preconceptions of a small subwoofer. Enclosed in a compact cabinet (astonishingly only 10 inches in diameter) and running through an 800-watt amplifier, the 3000 Micro gives you all the depth, impact, and clarity you could hope for in your bass. And it will aesthetically blend in perfectly, no matter what room or system you’re using. 

SVS SB-1000 

The SVS SB-1000 is another compact subwoofer that outperforms its size, and many experts consider this model to be a go-to home AV addition. The 12-inch subwoofer weighs only 27 pounds and uses a 300-watt amplifier to deliver vibrant bass sounds effortlessly. It will also integrate efficiently with pretty much any home AV system. If your home theater is a small to medium-sized room, the SB-1000 is an excellent choice for the money. 

SVS PC-4000 

The SVS 4000 series includes some of the best subwoofers on the market. The SB- and PB-4000 models provide shockingly high-quality low frequencies at a very reasonable price point. However, the PC-4000 stands out as a genuinely unique subwoofer. Only SVS offers a subwoofer with this signature cylinder design. And though the subwoofer measures only 16 inches in diameter, it puts out unmatched lows and deep bass extension. 


The Bottom Line

A quality subwoofer is essential if you want your home AV system to reproduce the wide range of sounds available in a movie’s music and effects. And these days, you don’t have to get the largest model on the market to achieve breathtaking lows (though bigger doesn’t hurt). Consider the products mentioned above, and contact Audio Video Charlotte to learn more about all the models we carry. Finally, remember that installing and teaching you how to use your AV equipment is a big part of what we do!