To Zoom is to be human—these days—but are you looking your best during your meetings? With a little forethought and work, looking clear, fresh, and bright in your Zoom meetings is easy—and you will be amazed at the difference just a few adjustments can make. 

At Audio Video Charlotte, we specialize in all things audio/video, but something else we can do for you is help get the right setup for your virtual meetings. With a little effort and some specific tips, we can help you set up, support, and install everything you need to host and attend effective Zoom meetings. 

  • The Setup: we specialize in office equipment, whether it’s at your home or your place of work. Getting professional eyes and thoughts on lighting, webcams, backdrops, and sound equipment is crucial to dressing up your Zoom game, and we have expertly-trained technicians who can point you in the right direction on what you need for your specific situation. 
  • The Support: having up-to-date software is pointless if you don’t know how to use it. Our professionals can teach how to use software and programs—we can even teach you anything you need to know about Zoom meetings (hosting or simply attending). 
  • The Installation: whether it’s heavy equipment or cumbersome electrical, Audio Video Charlotte is here to install virtually any equipment. 


Zoom Basics

Looking your best in a Zoom meeting is important, just as it would if you were meeting in person. It could be the difference between getting, or not getting, a job; it’s easier to build client relationships, the list could go on and on. Clearly, looking good on Zoom is not a vanity thing, it is a professional thing, and one worth taking seriously. 

To boost your Zoom prowess, follow these important pieces of advice:


Often, when sitting with your back to a window, the camera will expose the light behind you rather than your face. This can cask a dark shadow or create a silhouette that interferes with clarity. We recommend not sitting with a strong light source behind you. Instead, place a lamp beside you, next to your face so that the focus and main source of lighting is on the money-maker. 


Zoom backgrounds can be fun, but they can also be distracting. The key thing to remember is that communication is verbal and visual, so you want people looking at your face, not a flashy background. The famous bookshelf background that comes in all sorts of fashions is a good one, just as long as there aren’t too many trinkets and things to detract from you, the star of the show. We suggest keeping it simple: one-color walls, or a wall with one photo or piece of art hanging—just make sure it’s not distracting! 


Have you ever accidentally taken a picture of yourself with your phone while you are looking down at it and then go look at that picture? That’s a quick DELETE, right?! The chin all rolled up, eyes beady looking down in surprise. Yeah, nobody wants to see your nostrils and chins on Zoom either. Never have that camera looking up at you unless it’s a virtual doctor’s visit. There are those who say you should do the opposite: point the camera down on you for the best look. But that’s not the one either. This gives a distorted view and highlights dark circles under your eyes. Instead, we say go eye-to-eye. This makes a direct connection with your audience and brings forth an honest tone: this is me; I’m not trying to look like anyone other than me. 


Now that you know the best ways to position yourself in Zoom meetings, how should you present yourself? Obviously, you want to comb your hair, shave or apply makeup, but what color clothes look best online? First, let’s talk about what does not work—anything busy: plaid, chunky patterns, these will make people’s eyes go crazy in a meeting. We think you should wear something with a plain, solid color that highlights your personality. *One thing to keep in mind though, bright white and dark black shirts tend to turn into a blob on the screen, so stick with color. 

In the era of Zoom, Audio Video Charlotte has everything you need to know. We have the right lights and the right heights, we have all the software you need and the methods to teach you how to use it. The only thing you have to do is give us a call.