It’s a beautiful, warm Sunday evening. You’re with the family, grilling out, and watching the game on TV – outside.

Having an outdoor television is an amazing experience for any occasion from a big, busy party to a cozy, intimate time at home with the people you love.

There’s a lot of commercial appeal to an outdoor television; however, today’s homeowner doesn’t think through what it’s really like to have a TV outside. Weather, animals, or simple splash from pool water are just a couple of things that are top-of-mind for us.

So, we’re keeping it simple – here are 10 things to think about before you plan to purchase your outside TV so you can install – and enjoy – a little more confidently.


Do you have the right space or location?

Most people love the idea of having an outdoor TV – as they should, we do, too – but the space and location is key. You want your TV to fit into your backyard or outdoor patio like a piece of the puzzle. Make sure you have enough space; and make sure the TV doesn’t take over the outdoor space’s beauty, peace, calm, and spendor.

Also – make sure it is in a location that everyone can enjoy or benefit from.


Why do I need an outdoor TV…outdoors?

This is really a question of economics. Investing in an outdoor TV specifically instead of a regular (albeit, undoor) TV will save you time and money overall. Truth be told – with weather conditions, a regular TV will not uphold sustainably, efficiently or effectively like an outdoor TV will. Make sure you factor this into the overall expense.


What size TV is best for me?

Just as with the question of space or location, determining which size TV is best for you is really about evaluating the space and location. It ain’t rocket science – if you have a bigger space, then a bigger TV will be appropriate for you. Don’t overcrowd your smaller space with a TV that is too large. It’s simple design advice – make the items in the space proportional.


You want to hear what you’re watching, right?

Sound can be very important for an outside TV experience. The atmosphere and conditions of your neighborhood or backyard is a lot different than inside your home. You never know what noises are going to happen outside, so prepare for anything; invest in a quality, sound system that overpowers all – but doesn’t get you in trouble for noise with the HOA. 


Should I be protecting my TV?

Don’t go half-in on this outdoor TV investment. Take the time and make sure you are getting all the right protection for cables, screen, plugs, etc. This will save you money in the long run.


Do I need a stand or a mount?

When deciding where to put your outdoor TV, you also have to think about how you are going to mount and display it. For a mount, you must have a good, strong, upholding wall and a weather-proofed mount; there are many options for weather withholding stands in generic or designer styles to fit into the style and vibe of your outdoor living area.


Can I use a regular remote control?

Simply put – the answer is yes. Most remotes that come with outdoor TVs will hold up for the outdoors, as well, but considering rain and if you have a pool, you might want to consider investing in a more high tech, waterproof remote.


Are you going to want to connect to other devices?

Sometimes you may want to connect to your computer or other devices with an HDMI cord. Purchasing a fiber optic HDMI cord will uphold all the weather conditions and give you access to connecting the devices you want like you would with a regular TV.


What screen protection should I have?

The best protection for the TV itself is having an enclosed space for the TV where you can close it off when it is not being used. Having this enclosed space will keep it safe from weather, animals, or any other factors that could  damage the TV.


How much time should I plan for installation?

You can try to predict some good weather days, but, ya know, you just never know. Be patient;  it will all come together; set yourself up for success by looking ahead at the weather and set up a time slot where it looks like nothing but sunshine.

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