Last fall, Apple released the Apple TV 4K; it arrived with highly-anticipated technology – that absolutely delivered.

The Apple TV 4K is locked and loaded with all the features you fell in love with in previous versions of Apple TV.  This version though has higher resolution, better color. Apple’s website plugs it as cinematic – and they’re absolutely right. If that wasn’t enough of an experience, the game-changing applications including CarPlay, App Store, and Dolby Vision mean you can interact, engage, and connect on a whole other level. 

Let’s keep gushing over it; here are our five favorite things about Apple TV 4K.

Two words for you: Amazing Quality.
The pixel count on the 4K TV is 2160p which is higher than any other TV quality on the market today.

The more pixels, the sharper the image which can only mean one thing – top notch. The 4K quality also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) which allows the brightness and color to be a vivid and quality experience.

It Supports Dolby Vision
If you have invested in a Dolby Vision TV then you know that most streaming services do not support the HDR quality.

Apple TV 4K is the only self-contained, set-top box that supports Dolby Vision format. This adds a layer of so-called ‘dynamic metadata’ (translation: extra scene by scene picture information), so that your TV can do a better job of handling the complex HDR picture information.

It only seems right that you’ve invested in a Dolby Vision TV, you’d be crazy not to have the Apple TV 4K to enhance the experience.


Content Is King
We know that ‘content is king’ when it comes to sales and marketing these days. But, in this case, content is reasonably-priced and affordable which, we think, makes it king to any consumer.

Apple TV 4K includes the best-of-the-best content for their users. There is an enormous amoung of content available today on platforms including, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN – all of which are among the hundreds of content-driven applications available to you with Apple TV 4K. (All in addition to live television which we’ll talk about in a second.) Special note – all apps can be voice-controlled using Siri. 

Apple TV 4K teams up with some of the world’s largest TV networks and broadcasters to bring you the live content you care about most. Find sports from apps including (but not limited to) the NBA and MLB or late-breaking news from apps including (but not limited to) Bloomberg and CNN. 

Coming later this year, you’ll get even more content from major cable providers, making Apple TV truly the best box to connect to your screen

Take your favorite shows or movies anywhere with Apple TV 4K’s application called AirPlay, an application that allows you to watch any content from your iPhone. AirPlay is also one of our go-to recommendations when it comes to saving and accessing content that means a lot to you personally – we’re talking family pictures and videos.

It gets even better – this works with CarPlay, as well.  

Most Efficient Connection
With the Apple TV 4K, you will receive the best, quality experience because of the A10X Fusion Chip. Here’s how it works – This chip outputs twice the CPU performance and four times the graphic performance of the first generation Apple TV. It also includes a universal video output feature that prevents connection issues.

This means that the Apple TV 4K assess the capabilities of your TV and adjust accordingly to give you the best experience possible. What that means for you? Two words for you – less work.

If extravagant features and applications, a quality experience, and an efficient connection are the future of TV, we’re more than excited.