4K Comes of Age – Ultra HD Content Options Abound

Do you own a 4K (Ultra HD) TV, or are you planning to buy one? If so, you probably know that it offers twice the clarity and detail of standard high-definition (1080p) TVs. That’s great, but if all you watch on it is standard HD programming (regular cable or satellite channels, standard HD streaming or standard Blu-ray), you won’t be getting everything you’ve paid for or that your new TV can deliver.

Thankfully, most content providers now offer a wide variety of 4K and HDR (high dynamic range) programming that will allow your new TV to really show what it can do. You just need to know where to look. Because all of us at Audio Video Charlotte are dedicated to making sure you get maximum enjoyment from your home entertainment electronics, we though we’d provide a guide to all of the amazing true 4K and HDR content available today. Here’s where you can find it:

Subscription services:

Netflix has been on the 4K bandwagon the longest. All of their original series are now being shot in 4K, and some in HDR. Most services require TVs and/or external plug-in devices that support their particular offering.


Both DirectTV and Dish offer 4K content, live and on-demand. Comcast’s Xfinity offers 4K content to customers of their X1 service.

Gaming Consoles:

Sony and Microsoft offer amazing 4K gaming through their PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles, respectively. Both consoles also allow playback of 4K Blu-ray discs and 4K streaming via Netflix and other services.

Bear in mind that HD content in general and 4K in particular uses a lot of data. 4K file sizes are huge (40GB or more), making downloads a challenge, and Internet speed of 25 Mbps or higher is recommended. 4K source components should be hardwired to your home network via an Ethernet cable wherever possible. If you must stream wirelessly (not recommended), make sure your Wi-Fi network is up to the task.

Know too that your 4K TV may not be all you need. If you access content through a Blu-ray player or external streaming device like Apple TV or Roku, these devices (and possibly your receiver) must be 4K-compatible and may need to be upgraded.

If you haven’t experienced it before, 4K video can be truly breathtaking. If you have any questions at all about the best way(s) to access it, contact us at david@audiovideocharlotte.com or give us a call at 704-287-3334.