How we watch TV has changed. While 56 million households consumed their entertainment through traditional linear TV last year, households that viewed shows, movies, and sports through streaming services continued to grow. In 2023 the split between linear TV and streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Disney is about 50/50.

Audiences and advertisers continue to leave traditional cable TV (cut the cord) in favor of streaming services that offer an array of content that may be watched on demand.

Streaming services are making the transition even more accessible by offering applications that work just like cable. It’s still possible for loyal cable fans to find their favorite TV shows, news outlets, and sporting events on streaming channels.

Eager to cash in on the advertising dollars, cable providers like Spectrum are also providing applications that work on streaming services. These relatively new app-based services make streaming content easy, proving that you can officially cut the cord without sacrificing content.

How Does Streaming Work?

Streaming services deliver video, audio, and other media content over the internet to a user’s device. These small packets of data are transmitted in a continuous stream so that the user doesn’t have to wait for the content to download.

Newer TVs, sometimes referred to as Smart TVs, have equipment built in to move data from the internet into a viewing application. Older models may require a device like a Roku to transfer the data.

The Devil is in the Details of the Device

Not all streaming devices are at the same performance level. There is a misconception that a Smart TV is enough for streaming at a high resolution, but 4K or 8K Smart TVs may not offer the performance quality that many users desire.

Surfing the web and streaming requires a lot of computer processing that Smart TVs do not have. A streaming device like the Apple TV 4K has faster processing. It comes with an A15 Bionic chip surpassing other streaming devices’ functionality. 

Additionally, over time, the apps and technology on a Smart TV become obsolete, and licensing agreements age out, making it difficult to view content long-term.

A Good Streaming Experience Requires A Strong Internet Connection

Internet speeds, cable wiring, and professionally connected equipment is critical to streaming content. Slow internet causes buffering and interferes with downloading speeds.

At Audio Video Charlotte, we recommend a Ubiquity AmpliFi HD mesh router. These robust routers offer the ultimate WiFi performance in a home or business. The Ubiquity AmpliFi HD mesh router has a built-in Port network switch allowing additional devices such as a receiver, streaming device, or Blu-Ray player to be wired to the router. 

Hardwiring the internet through ethernet cables will offer the best connection and internet speeds. Hardwiring devices frees up the WiFi allowing for connection to other devices in a home. Learn more about the Ubiquity AmpliFi HD Mesh WiFi System faster and more reliable internet HERE.

Choosing Streaming Services

Who doesn’t love saving money? Subscriptions from cable and satellite providers are usually more than $100 per month. The way to save money after canceling the cable services is to sign up for a reasonable number of streaming services (sometimes called streaming channels).

Platforms like Hulu allow users to watch network shows 24 hours after they air. Many use this as a replacement for their cable DVR.

YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime are the most popular streaming services. They offer a wide variety of content, including exclusive shows and movies.

Not Ready to Make the Switch? Here’s the Alternative

Cable TV Streaming Services, Network TV, and Apps

Cable and satellite service providers are changing how they provide content to their subscribers. If you aren’t ready to “cut the cord”, here is what to know about their services. 

Spectrum cable offers the Spectrum TV app to access Spectrum TV from anywhere. The downside to this streaming app is that Spectrum only provides some content on one of its cable box options. 

Other providers like DIRECTV’s DIRECTV STREAM℠offer similar services.

Need Help Cutting The Cable?  

Whether cutting the cord entirely or reconfiguring how you watch shows and movies, we guarantee you’ll find some excellent options for your money. We are eager to help you select and connect the right equipment.