Audio Video Budget Planning

“Do it right the first time.” Before you buy your Audio Video equipment, please give us the opportunity to save you time, money, and equipment integration headaches. Our simple equipment buying guides are easy on the budget and make installation a breeze!

At Audio Video Charlotte, we know that budgeting and creating a system for your home or office can be challenging. Our professionals want to help you select superior equipment that will last and be worth your investment.

Technology can be highly intimidating, and depending on your AV knowledge, you might need help knowing where to start. Planning for the installation costs and all the components is the best place to start.

Planning for an Audio-Video Project

Get Wired!

If you are building a new home or renovating a pre-existing property, please remember to take advantage of pre-wiring. Installing wiring before the drywall goes up is the best way to start. Once the walls are closed, running the wiring for your project becomes more complex and more expensive.

From experience, we know pre-wiring also helps you “future-proof” your home. Cat6 cabling can be run alongside other AV cabling and be used for technology that you may select in years to come. Read more about Cat6 in our blog, HERE.

Choose the TV or Projector!

Depending on the project, the difference between “good” and “excellent” may not be worth the money. Some top-of-the-line products are worth every penny while others are bells and whistles that won’t make a huge difference in performance.

For example, if you want a TV installed outside but confused about which one is best for your patio our technicians may need to help you select a system that may be positioned correctly to avoid sun glare or excessive shade.  Using a regular indoor TV instead of a Samsung Terrace All-Weather Outdoor TV could save you two to three times the outdoor TV cost.

Looking for an indoor TV? Here are some of our favorites:

Are you trying to choose between a TV and a projector? The 85″ Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV is an excellent option for a home theater if your space does not allow for a projector and a screen. A projector and screen are the way to go if you have the room and the budget.

Projectors and screens give you the size and picture you desire and offer the most cinematic experience outside a movie theater.

Audio System that Delivers Dynamic Sound

Receivers, amplifiers, sound bars, subwoofers, in-ceiling speakers, and bookshelf speakers all help deliver exceptional sound. They enhance your home technology and work together to provide dynamic audio.

Speakers are built to last and, with care, offer excellent performance, but the cost varies drastically. For example, installing in-ceiling speakers presents a challenge with the layout and wiring, a sound bar might be a more cost-effective solution.

Installation of Audio Video Technology

The last thing to consider is the installation itself.

Equipment and parts, including mounting brackets, connectors, adapters such as baluns, and power management, will all be needed for a professional installation. Planning for those additional expenses in advance will help you stay within a budget.

Home internet is also required to operate the newest technology.  Changing your internet connections may deliver better results and be worth the upgrade.

Other items to consider in your budget:

  • Home Internet/WiFi – Mesh Router System and hardwiring internet
  • Smart Home Tech for automation
  • Equipment rack/closet location and cost
  • System Control – universal remote control to manage the system
  • Streaming Devices and Media Players

Let Us Help You

Quality technology should last; investing in the right equipment will save money in the long run.

Still trying to figure out where to begin?

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