While almost everybody looks forward to summer, there is one aspect of the summer that many people don’t enjoy – the lack of fresh programming on television. Most TV shows take a break from airing new episodes through the summer, and return at some point in the fall (either September or October). If you love to watch all of the new drama and comedy that unfolds on network television, it is almost time again to set your calendar based around your favorite shows.

Most likely, you already know which returning shows you are looking forward to picking back up with in the fall. Whether you enjoy a comedy like Big Bang Theory, or a drama like Grey’s Anatomy, you probably already know what channel to find your favorites on, as well as what time and day to find it. However, what about the new shows? Which networks are offering new programs that you might be interested in? Below is a quick guide to some of the anticipated new shows for the fall season.


  • The McCarthys – Thursdays at 9 pm on CBS. Created by Brian Gallivan, this is a sitcom focused on a Boston family.
  • Black-ish – Wednesdays at 9 pm on ABC. Comedian Anthony Anderson is the creator and star of this new sitcom on ABC.
  • Mulaney – Sundays at 9 pm on Fox. John Mulaney stars in this self-named sitcom which is based in New York City.


  • NCIS: New Orleans – Tuesdays at 9 pm on CBS. The Big Easy is the latest city to receive its own version of this highly successful series.
  • State of Affairs – Mondays at 10 pm on NBC. Katherine Heigl is back in this NBC political drama.
  • Madam Secretary – Sundays at 8 pm on CBS. Another political drama, this one from CBS, stars Tea Leoni, as well as Tim Daly and Bebe Neuwirth.

As happens every year, some of these shows are sure to go on to success, while many will fail quickly and spectacularly. If you tune in for the series premieres of many of these shows, you should get a good idea of which ones you enjoy, and which you will be okay going without on a weekly basis. Based on your personal preferences in shows, as well as your list of favorite actors and actresses, the shows you end up enjoying might not be the ones that lead the ratings competition. As long as you find a few new shows you like, along with the ones you already enjoy, you should have a great fall TV watching season ahead of you.

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