Prep Your New Home with the Latest AV Upgrades

Moving can involve high stress, a tight schedule, and a monstrous checklist.  But when you know you’re moving to a new home that’s customized to fit your needs, the worries seem to subside.  As busy as that time is, it’s also the perfect opportunity for a professional audio video installation.  Fill your Charlotte, NC home with great media and entertainment, and have the home of your dreams ready for you. Keep reading to learn why moving time is ideal for AV upgrades and some of the top options for better home entertainment.

Before is Better

You might think waiting for the move to be over and done with is when you can finally sit down and plan an audio video installation for your new place.  But by the time you do this, your walls will probably be covered with your art and décor. Furthermore, devices like large screen TVs or high-end speakers are often the focal point of the room, so it makes sense to set those up first so that you have an easier time arranging and designing each space. By having a new, empty house, setup will be streamlined.

But the big question is this: what are the audio video upgrades you should consider for your home? Here are the top options that will have a real impact on your home entertainment experience:


1. 4K TVs & Projectors

There are no bones about it; 4K is simply superior.  A 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution is four times better than 1080P resolution and guarantees an incredible viewing experience. There are a lot of 4K TVs and projectors on the market currently, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for your home. During the moving process, your custom AV integrator can assess the room and recommend the perfect projector or television to fit the space. We consider factors such as the size, shape, and layout of each room as well as amount of lighting, purpose of the room, and more.

2. Private Home Theaters

A night in watching movies with the family is made all the more fun when you have your own theater.  You can choose your TV or projector, your designing, and decide early on in which room or space to build the theater.  No need to leave the theater to the unoccupied basement when you can have your choice of room before moving in.  Select your seating’s style from various patterns and fabrics, and install motorized shades with a “blackout??? option in case you have windows in the room.  The options are limitless when you start planning before you move.

Planning out the home theater early is especially important for new construction. If you’re building a new home, make sure to get your AV integrator involved in the process early so that the room can be designed from the ground up for peak performance.

3. Outdoor Entertainment

Who says the game-watching and film-buffs have to stay inside?  Invite the new neighbors over, turn the grills on, and never miss a play with weather-resistant outdoor TVs.  You can watch your favorite film outside at any point of the day and know that when you go back inside, the harsh sun rays or heavy raindrops won’t damage your TV.  With a screen that prevents glares, your guests are assured an enjoyable viewing experience.  Now, you’ll never have to compromise between nature and expensive TV reparations.

Just like with indoor media, your outdoor areas should be designed with televisions and speakers in mind. Before you hire landscapers to beautify the space, have your AV integrator design and install the media equipment so that there is a clear plan moving forward about where to best fit topiaries, water fixtures, and more.

4. Multi-Room Music

These days, you don’t have to stick with a dedicated listening room or separate sound systems in different areas. Instead, considering installing a multi-room music system that makes it easy to listen to an album or playlist wherever you are. From one simple app, you can select your music and have it play in a specific room, a collection of rooms, or the entire house!

This process involves installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers so that you get even, high-definition sound in every area. That’s why it’s smart to do it before move-in – that way, you won’t have to compromise on where to place the speakers.

Take a bit of the stress out of moving.  We make the audio video installation for new homeowners as simple and streamlined as possible.  Learn more by contacting us at (704) 287-3334 or scheduling an in-home consultation.