Smart Solutions for Your Charlotte, NC Home Entertainment System

It may not seem like it, but the holiday season is right around the corner. That means there’s no time to lose in planning how you’ll entertain all of your friends and family this year. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is with simple, easy-to-manage home theater system upgrades. Ready to learn how your home entertainment system can benefit from a few simple changes? Keep reading to find out!

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#1: See More With 4K Ultra HD

Upgrade suggestion: replace your existing projector with a newer 4K model (call us for personalized recommendations on the right projector for your space).

There’s a reason why 4K Ultra HD has come to dominate the market over the past few years: it looks better than anything you’ve ever seen in your home theater. Offering greater pixel density for sharper images and often including other smart technologies like HDR and high frame rate settings, you can enjoy all of your movies and sports in qualities that you never thought possible.

#2: Immersive Audio 

Upgrade suggestion: replace standard speakers with Dolby Atmos

If you want a totally immersive experience, you need to upgrade your theater with an immersive audio solution. Audio companies like Dolby offer great options that make your home entertainment system sound like a commercial-quality theater with compact systems that fit just about every room. Combine it with a 4K video display and you’ll never need to spend a night out at the movies again.

#3: Hidden Technology

Upgrade suggestion: hide the entertainment equipment out of sight

These days, nobody wants to have projectors, speakers, and other home theater equipment cluttering up the room. Fortunately, with the right setup, that’s not a problem. All of the AV equipment can be hidden in the walls, ceiling, and nearby utility closets so that you get the same home theater experience without having to deal with the clutter.

#4: Speakers

Upgrade suggestion: Embrace the latest speaker technology

If you’re still sticking with the same speakers you had installed a decade ago, we have good news: immersive surround sound audio has come a long way in recent years. Now, you can get speakers that deliver incredible audio on par with the surround sound in a commercial theater. We’ll work with you to design the right speaker setup for your room’s layout, dimensions, and size.

#5: AV Control

Upgrade suggestion: Use smart media control to manage all your media devices

It’s great to have the latest speakers and television or projector, but how will you control all of the media devices in the room? With a smart remote from URC, it’s super easy to manage everything. It completely bypasses the complicated system of individually controlling each speaker, projector, streaming service, etc. Instead, press one button and have everything fall into place for movie time!

#6: Network Enhancements

Upgrade suggestion: replace your old router

Whether you want to stream a movie from Netflix or play one from your private collection, you need to ensure your home network is capable of handling the large amounts of data that make 4K viewing possible. There are plenty of ways to enhance your home network, including updating your router, adding signal boosters and replacing outdated cables. Consult a professional installer for a solution that works for you.

Just one of these upgrades could make a big impact on your home theater experience. The team at Audio Video Charlotte can help with any and all of these upgrades, so for more information on how to get the latest in theater technology in your home, please contact us today!