In recent years, some people have decided to use other services rather than a cable subscription to get access to their favorite TV shows. Depending on what kind of TV you enjoy watching, this could be a good option for you and your family. Also, it could be a good addition to your cable subscription depending on things like how much you travel, and where you want to be able to watch TV. One such service is called Hulu, and it has gained in popularity over the past few years. is an internet-based service which allows you to watch TV shows on your computer from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and many more. This is a free service at its basic level, which allows you to watch shows in standard definition, and only on your computer. To upgrade, Hulu Plus is available optionally for a rate of $7.99 per month.

So what does Hulu Plus have to offer? Consider the following benefits –

  • Current season TV shows. You can watch episodes from the current season of many shows across a variety of networks. Many shows will have all of the episodes from the current season available, while the free version of Hulu usually only has a few of the more recent ones.
  • Past season episodes. Some shows offer archives from past seasons so you can go back and re-watch some of your favorite episodes, or catch up on a series that you didn’t watch in previous years.
  • Watch in HD. When available, many of the shows offered on Hulu Plus can be streamed in HD, as opposed to standard definition.
  • Watch on a variety of devices. This is one of the biggest advantages to having Hulu Plus instead of just the free service. In addition to watching on your computer, you can use Hulu Plus through a number of different devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and more.

Despite it being a premium subscription, you will still see some adds while watching programming on Hulu Plus. However, considering the rate of less than $8 per month, the ads aren’t too frequent or intrusive. Hulu Plus is a very worthwhile option for people who love to watch whole series of TV shows, yet don’t always have a chance to see the shows right when they air. Also, if you have recently gotten into watching a show that has already been on for several seasons, it offers the ability to go back and ‘catch up’ with the show and all of the characters.

For a Charlotte-area homeowner that loves TV, Hulu Plus is worth considering. Of course, before you settle in to watch all of your exciting shows through your Hulu account, it would be a great idea to contact Audio Video Charlotte and find out what we have to offer in terms of upgrading your current a/v system – or installing a brand new one. Our team loves working on home theater projects for the people of Charlotte, and we hope to have the opportunity to work for you in the near future.