In order to enjoy your home theater entertainment system, you have to have all of the various components working together properly. Once you get everything working just right, you can forget about all of the technical aspects of the system and just enjoy the entertainment opportunities that it gives you. It is great to have your whole system working seamlessly – until you decide to move and everything has to be unplugged.

While it doesn’t take as much technical knowledge to pack up all of your electronics gear and move it to you new Charlotte home (just lots of TLC), it does take some skill to put it all back together. If you don’t have the high level of technical aptitude that it might take to reassemble your system in perfect working order, contact Audio Video Charlotte to have our team assist. We enjoy working with new homeowners to help them get their audio visual system installed correctly so that they can be up and running shortly after moving into their new place.

Give Yourself a Break

Moving is a taxing process, whether you are just moving across town from Matthews to Huntersville, or from across the country. When you get most of your stuff moved in, you probably want to be able to take a seat, relax, and enjoy some television to unwind from the stressful process. Don’t add to the frustration of the move by having to wrestle with your a/v system before getting it up and running. By turning that task over to our experienced team, you can deal with other moving responsibilities and know that your home theater system will be ready when you need it.

Expanding Your System

If you are moving into a larger home, you might be expanding the size of your a/v installation to fill up your new living room or rec room. We can help you integrate your existing equipment with new gear to create a system that offers all of the functionality you are looking for while still remaining simple and easy to use. Also, if you need assistance in the design portion of the a/v process when you are deciding how you want to organize your home entertainment system, we will be glad to assist with that process as well. Rather than waiting until after you get settled in and have all of your things in place to expand your a/v system, it is smart to do it right upfront before furniture and other items are in the way.

It is a noble goal to manage your whole move on your own, but that might be biting off more than you can chew. When you bring in Audio Video Charlotte to deal with the audio video portion of the moving process, you can count on us to properly install all of your components and make sure that the system is functioning just as you want it. I mean…You didn’t just want the wifi to work in the office, right? We’ll make sure it’s working in the whole house! We look forward to working with you and helping you get settled in to your Charlotte-area home, so contact us today!