Now, more than ever, we have entered the era of home theaters. A majority of Americans still have some COVID reservations about attending a traditional theater to catch a recent release. That same majority also prefers viewing at home instead of going out, with around 56% of the population preferring to stay in.

Movie companies are taking note, with streaming platforms rolling out big releases alongside traditional theater launches. People are increasingly eyeing ways to maximize their at-home enjoyment of the newest films. 

Bringing the movie atmosphere home is a surprisingly complicated process. Creating the perfect viewing space isn’t as simple as buying a new model of TV. Tasks like identifying the optimal space, installation, setup, and wiring can make the process a headache. 

Finding reliable professionals who have the bona fides to provide such a service is an equally daunting task. Thankfully, Audio Video Charlotte offers a complete package alongside the traditional installation. While you may be wondering, “Why would I hire someone to hang up a TV?” you’ll soon learn that an upgrade in home entertainment doesn’t stop and end with hanging a TV. 

The Process

Like most big home investments, a home theater necessitates planning and strategy to provide the desired outcome. 

Most companies offering TV mounts will come to your home, mount the TV, string the wire, and be on their way. While the mounting process alone is certainly difficult, you deserve professionals at all points of the installation process. You want technicians who understand how to maximize your investment, who are capable of giving you the experience of a true visual setup, not just an upgrade in technology.

There are multiple ways to get the most bang for your buck. The technicians and a home install can keep you from making some big errors in your TV upgrade process.

For instance, some people assume the best purchase is the biggest. They’ll go for the largest television possible, place it in their extra room, and assume the job is done. Like anything, the setup is a balance of utilizing your space, leaning into the strengths of the room, while minimizing the weaknesses.

Here’s another great example; did you know that TVs have an optimal viewing angle?

The angle is connected to the size and resolution of the television, meaning that sometimes the space makes the TV, not the other way around. Add in windows, the brightness of a room, doorways, and other details and you begin to understand why a movie theater can charge for a good viewing experience. Viewing a TV in the wrong space doesn’t just harm your movie-watching, it also creates eye strain. With a wide arrangement of resolutions, being too close, or too far, can create plentiful problems for the viewers. 

While that rounds out the general process of the visual, we have yet to get to the auditory. To create a full and robust surround system you need the know-how, solid speakers, and a good plan. A personal favorite option for audio is the Sonos Arc. Its sleek design and easy integration with Apple AirPlay and other Bluetooth options make it a central piece in sound delivery. With options from invisible wall-mounted speakers, to wireless towers, the right consultation can deliver the most theater-like sound out there. 

If that seems like a lot of information, it’s because it is! Thankfully, you can schedule a free, at-home consultation. You’ll have help from not just technicians, but entertainment consultants, ready to turn any home into the perfect viewing space. 


Why Mount a TV?

Some readers may not be as interested in the whole home theater setup. It also begs the question, why mount a TV? The details listed above may make setting the TV on its stand and placing it on the nearest open dresser the most attractive option. You may be surprised by the positives that come from having a mounted TV.

Wall mounting gives you back a considerable amount of floor space. Allowing for an ambitious speaker set up, more walking room, and removing the need for an extra piece of furniture or entertainment center, mounting will be worth the money.

When mounting a TV you’re given much more freedom in your placement. As we mentioned above, the placement of the TV is nearly as vital as the device itself. To create the perfect angle for viewing, those with limited space or resources may find and make use of a whole wall as an option, versus a small portion of your room. Here are some of the best mounting options that we recommend:

· Fixed Mounts – Fixed TV mounts are a good choice if you want the TV to be in one position, close to the wall. 

· Tilting Mounts – A tilting TV mount can be useful when you’re watching in a bright room. The tilting ability allows you to reduce the glare from the sun or lights.

· Articulating Arms – The articulating mount is a robust mount that offers more flexibility and may come with one or two arms that extend and swivel. These mounts allow the TV to be pulled away from the wall and into the desired position and the best viewing angle.

Do you want the wall mount as flush as possible? With innovations like the TV Frame, you can add a new TV and piece of art to your living space at the same time. With the ability to deliver both 4k and 8k quality, it’s a versatile addition to a room that can do it all. 

The wide array of benefits from a professional TV installation isn’t limited to indoors. 

Outdoor TV installations are becoming an increasingly common way to spice up outdoor areas.

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio or porch experience to make your cookouts unrivaled, there are install options for you too. With the right weatherproof equipment, mounting job, and solid display quality, you’ll be the go-to host for every outdoor event possible. 

Great for offices! TV mounting is great for optimizing space while keeping design and comfort in mind. TV mounts allow for more versatile viewing, especially in offices. You can cast your computer screen to the TV using a compatible Smart TV or Apple’s AirPlay and immediately have a screen large enough for a presentation. Many people are working from home these days so mounting computer monitors has also become a very popular demand in addition to TVs. This provides a more valuable workspace and helps keep it out of the way when needed.

A final bonus, for people with small children at home, you don’t have to worry about the safety hazard of toppling TVs or entertainment centers. Keeping the allure of the TV on the wall out of reach creates a childproof entertainment option. 

It’s pretty clear, TV mounting isn’t just for the ambitious home studio pioneers. It’s for the people trying to optimize space while keeping design and comfort in mind. With many different choices, outside versus indoors or design possibilities like the TV Frame, the versatility is unmatched. 


The Benefits Of Hiring The Right Install Team

While we’ve discussed the benefits of installing a TV, we’ve yet to really emphasize what a good install team can do. 

Audio Video Charlotte offers proper installation and real entertainment consulting, ranging from nearly every conceivable way one could use an entertainment install. Custom home theaters, media rooms, outdoor entertainment, and surround sound audio systems, are just some of the services they can offer successfully. 

While they perform the tricky task of heavy lifting and physical installation, they don’t stop there like many technicians. Audio Video Charlotte offers support from the beginning to the end of your install process. Looking at wireless options? Cutting cable? Or just looking for support, like post-day of install? Audio Video Charlotte can do it all, dedicated to a process that creates what the customer was looking for, instead of just hanging a TV.

Post-install support is a vital service for those newer to the home theater game. Something like poor wifi speeds can be a frustrating experience, keeping you from enjoying your most recent purchase. With the proper consultants, Audio Video Charlotte can explain your options and make sure your equipment has the support it needs to reach its maximum potential. No need to get a headache googling questions about your recent install, just relax and rely on the professionals! 

Audio Video Charlotte offers the technology necessary for the upgrade. With a range of options, TVs, audio solutions, that rival even big-box competitors like Best Buy, the ability to shop with your install team is a unique bonus. If you go with Audio Video Charlotte, you’ll have the ability to shop locally while receiving a better experience than you’d get from the biggest corporations. 

Below is a list of install types of TVs and Home Theater Equipment Audio Video Charlotte has proven ability in installing. This includes:

-OLED, QLED, LED, LCD, and Plasma TV Installation

-Outdoor TV Installation

-Projectors and Screens

-Samsung Frame TV Installation

-Commercial TV and AV Installations

Unlike some of the other install teams that offer both the equipment for sale, alongside the install, Audio Video Charlotte is committed to the price-matching of competitors. Going with Audio Video Charlotte enables you to make all of your purchases from home, with confidence that you are paying the very best price for the equipment. 

Wanting fast and courteous service is something every customer desires. Audio Video Charlotte values your time and makes it a point to respond to consultations and calls with promptness. Sometimes getting a response for installation is even quicker than a pizza delivered from your local pizzeria! 


Final Thoughts

The data increasingly shows that the future of traditional theaters is in jeopardy. While the arguments for investing in a comfortable at-home set-up become more and more bolstered. Wanting to bring the genuine movie viewing experience home is a desire many people are starting to share. Still, making the leap towards an entertainment upgrade is an understandably complex process. 

With professional services like Audio Video Charlotte, there’s no reason to go about this on your own. Price-matching options guarantee you’ll be paying the best rate possible, while entertainment consultants understand the goal of your upgrade.

In the year 2022, be committed to staying home and cozy, with a good movie and excellent viewing experience. If that sounds like something you can get behind, book a consultation today. 

Thanks and much appreciation to Sarah Norales for her contributions to this article.