Have you moved into a new home and found an audio-video system left by the previous owner, and you have no idea how to operate it? Or do you have an archaic system that dates back to the age of the home? Well, you are not alone. Some of the most common calls that we receive at Audio Video Charlotte are “I just moved into a house with a built-in sound system that is in several rooms, and I don’t know how to play music from it,” or “this home that we bought has a home theater, and I don’t know if it is set-up or what I need to do to work it.” These common questions inspired us to share what to do when you find an old AV system in your new home.

Finding Audio-Video Equipment in New Home

The great news about finding audio-video equipment in your home is that you already have a valuable infrastructure. The hard work is already done with built-in audio systems, theaters, security systems, and home automation. One of the most expensive and difficult parts of equipment installation is the wiring. But, since this already exists in your home, this is one less thing you must do.

Audio-video equipment is an investment. If you are left with pieces of an audio system, due to the existing owners taking bits and pieces of equipment, your system needs to be evaluated to determine what is required to get it up and running. 

How Hiring A Professional Can Help 

Did you recently move, or have you been living with an AV system that you acquired? Whether it is a surveillance security system, whole-home audio system, home theater, or WIFI mesh networking equipment, the professionals at Audio Video Charlotte will come in and assess the system to make them operable.

When you hire an audio-video professional, here is what you can expect:

  • The system is evaluated first to see if anything that exists can still be used.
  • The wires are then toned out so that the AV technicians can tell what is on the other end of each wire. If you have seen a closet full of audio-video equipment, you know how hard it is to decipher what goes where if it is not organized. If the previous owner removed some of the equipment, they most likely did so without labeling the wiring.
  • Once we have an assessment of the home, our audio-video installation expert recommends products needed to get the system up and running.
  • The last step is to send a proposal with the plan for the scope of the work and then implement the solution.


Audio Video Charlotte

Audio Video Charlotte assists many homeowners that may be overwhelmed by the current systems in their new home. Our services are beneficial because we can help evaluate what equipment is needed to pair with the existing infrastructure. We provide the client the education of their new system to get it up and running. 

If you are ready to have your old AV system or home automation system assessed, give Audio Video Charlotte a call.