One of the best things about living in the 21st century is simply the technology that we have access to right in our own homes. No longer do you have to have a huge budget or own a large technology firm to see some of these amazing products in use. Consumer electronics are getting better and better each day in what they can do to transform our daily lives. From home theater systems to home automation, smart phones, and more, there isn’t one part of modern life that hasn’t been touched by the power of technology.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at five technologies that you can add to your own Charlotte area home. Many of these can be installed with the help and expertise of the team here at Audio Video Charlotte, so be sure to give us a call when you are ready to take on any home theater-related project!

#4 – Heos by Denon Wireless Speakers

It used to be that running speakers in your home meant a mess of wires running every which way. You might have even needed to cut holes in some walls to do the installation, and the whole thing was just a significant hassle. Not anymore. With wireless technology, you can set up an amazing surround sound system without having wires cluttering up your walls and ceiling. At Audio Video Charlotte, we recommend the SONOS brand of wireless speakers for their ease of use and impressive sound quality.

#3 – Wireless Security Cameras

Are you noticing a trend? All of these technologies on our list so far have to do with wireless capability. Wireless transmission around the house certainly has taken the country by storm, and security cameras are another way to put that technology to practical use. Even by just setting up a couple cameras in key areas of your home, you can access the video remotely via internet connection and make sure everything is as it should be while you are away.

#2 – Smart Thermostat

The days of having to manually change the temperature of your home at the thermostat box are over. Instead, install a smart thermostat in your home that can be controlled by smart phone or tablet. These thermostats are easier to program than the older-models, and you can make adjustments when you aren’t even home. Getting home late from a trip on a cold night? Warm up the house before you even get there!

#1 – Fully-integrated Home Theater System

Of course, being a home theater company, our favorite technology here at Audio Video Charlotte is a home theater system with all of the bells and whistles. There isn’t anything quite like a beautifully designed and installed home theater system for your Charlotte area home that features a big-screen television, surround sound audio, a/v receiver, and more.

Contact us today at Audio Video Charlotte to discuss your home theater needs. We can’t wait to go to work on your exciting project!