Imagine throwing a party.  Your guests are mingling and having a wonderful time, moving from room to room to enjoy the great company, great food, and your stellar musical tastes.  Now imagine that you’re cleaning up after the party.  You turn up the music and enjoy it seamlessly throughout the house.  Beginning to think you’ve moved into Tony Stark’s mansion?  With Sonos wifi sound system you don’t have to be a mega millionaire super hero to enjoy purely amazing sound throughout your entire house.

It all starts with their wireless speakers that are hands down the best on the market.  They offer different types to fit each room.  Whether you need a compact speaker for a small space or the “crazy loud, crazy deep bass??? of the Play:5, Sonos has you covered.

Remember when you use to have to turn the stereo up to eardrum busting volume to hear it while working in the next room.  That’s so out!  Their dedicated wireless network combined with the flexibility of their speakers means a Sonos wifi sound system will offer a consistent sound regardless of the size of the room… all with no shutters, stops or drops and no wires to trip over in the middle of the night.  And you can control it all from any device in your house.

You can play the same thing throughout the whole house, group rooms together, or everyone can pick their own favorite.  Now if they could only do the same thing for the minivan, family road trips would be so much more pleasant!  And you don’t have to dust off that box of CD’s you have stuck in the guest room closet.  Sonos allows you to play all of your favorite songs as well as stream all of our favorite services like Pandora, Spotify, podcasts or iTunes.  Are you old school and prefer the feel of vinyl or CD’s.  (Or 8 tracks, we aren’t judging!)  Prefer to connect your existing equipment?  Sonos can do that too!

Are you a movie buff?  The PLAYBAR allows you to watch all the Iron Man awesomeness in a way that would impress even Tony Stark.  Add a SUB and a pair of rear speakers and the immersive 5.1 sound will eliminate the need to go to the movies.  Not really but… no really!

The system’s inherent expandability is what makes it so versatile.   Start with whole house system, or just a speaker or two.  The integration of the Sonos system means you can rest assured that it will work together seamlessly regardless of when you bought it.  We wouldn’t carry anything we wouldn’t put in our own homes.  Which is why we always recommend Sonos wifi sound systems.