Audio Video Charlotte is renowned for our excellent installation capabilities and AV expertise regarding all of your home and office needs. Our 53 five star Google reviews attest to our high standards of practice and professionalism! However, what you might not know is how to take your relationship with Audio Video Charlotte to the next level. What if you could execute a project from start to finish, with no middleman needed? 

That’s where Audio Video Charlotte comes in; AVC provides seamless full service from the purchase of the product to its installation. Here are ten reasons to buy your technology and electronic products straight from AVC.


1. We are able to provide a price-match guarantee, even from top competitors. 

To stay competitive and more importantly, keep our prices low and fair for our customers, our pricing on audio and video products is always the same as other competitors like Best Buy, Amazon and Costco. In the unlikely event you find a better deal, we will honor and match it.


2. Product expertise at every turn, from the discovery phase, to purchase, to installation and beyond.

Our clients are provided with our product and service expertise consultation before ever making a purchase. Whether you know want to know how the products you buy will work with each other or would like a consultation regarding the installation of equipment in the home in terms of existing equipment, our experts at AVC can help. 

“Before building my dedicated home theater, I wanted to make sure I consulted with some experts. I interviewed a couple of different services before finally choosing Tecknos. David and Barrie brought a level of detail and understanding that made me extremely comfortable selecting them, and they didn’t disappoint. Whether it’s TV, Netflix Streaming, or 4K DVD, the picture and sound are amazing. Outstanding product advice and selections! I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

– Dave Whitehead, AVC customer

3. You know your purchase can be installed where you want it installed.

Here’s the thing – when you buy from us, we will consult with you from start to finish to ensure that the product you’re buying is going to function and be able to be installed where you want it. We design product and system solutions that make it easy for our clients to use and enjoy their AV technology right away.


4. We are authorized dealers for every product we sell.

There are no surprises when you buy from us – you are purchasing new, verified, name brand products when you buy from AVC. Avoid the scams on Facebook marketplace or unverified online stores, who may price gouge, send defective, or opened/returned products.


5. We can deliver on hard to find items in 24 to 48 hours.

In most cases, we are able to purchase requested products for our clients, even if they’re hard to find or limited in stock. We are able to provide same day pick-up, as well as a contact free delivery.


6. When you purchase from us, you’re getting everything included.

What’s worse than realizing you need a certain adapter when you’re merely a few steps away from finalizing your installation? AVC always ensures that all accessories, chargers, mounts and more are included to keep your purchase stress-free. We guarantee to provide you with everything you need to have a successful installation, which prevents you from having to go back to a big box store, spend more than expected online to order additional items you didn’t know you’d need, or use the wrong part for the job.


7. We ensure the products purchased are 100% authentic. 

As authorized dealers, we know the right places, sites, and dealers to search in to find what you need. There are many unauthorized websites online that may offer a good price, but sell refurbished goods or items with no warranty. Our team has access to an extensive inventory from a variety of trusted manufacturers and suppliers.


8. When purchasing from us, we guarantee the functionality of the product.

In the rare event that something we buy is damaged in delivery or defective, we will exchange it for you the same day, in most cases. If you buy elsewhere (i.e. online or from a chain retail store), you will have to undertake the hassle of uninstalling and re-packaging the product, returning the item to the store, waiting for the product to be restocked, or become subject to potentially long shipping, return, and refund times.


9. If you do choose to buy a product from somewhere else, you can still have us install it.

As AV experts, we are able to be brought in at any point in your project, whether you’ve already purchased the products, need extra support for installation, or in need of a final consultation. 


10. Choosing Audio Video Charlotte is choosing to support small businesses. 

More than ever before, it is important to support local retailers. Barrie Clark and David Stollmack have over 65 years of experience and knowledge in selling home audio video equipment. When you purchase from AVC, you’re supporting your Charlotte neighbors and local economy.


Contact Audio Video Charlotte today for your next residential or commercial AV project.

When you work with AVC from the start, you’ll know that your audio video solutions are being reliably and efficiently designed by a team of experts focused on bringing your vision to life. From the consultation to installation, our team at AVC is ready and able to your project to the next level!