There are many reasons to look forward to the return of spring each year. Beyond the weather and excitement that comes with knowing summer is right around the corner, there are also some great sporting events to enjoy on your Charlotte home theater system. Not only are basketball and hockey playoffs now in full swing, but the baseball season has gotten underway as well. For the avid sports fan, it doesn’t get much better than the early part of spring.

If you have been considering an upgrade to your Charlotte home theater system, now is a great time to act. Here at Audio Video Charlotte, we would be proud to go to work in your home and create a system that is able to deliver you all of the exciting action from the NBA, NHL and MLB.

Games that are great for Big Screens

With hockey, you get the fast-paced action and incredible sound of players slamming into the boards and firing slap shots off the crossbar. Baseball is a more subtle game, but is complete with its own sights and sounds – vivid green grass, bright-white chalk lines, and of course, the crack of the bat. And with basketball, nothing beats an action-packed game in HD! We were sad that our hometown team, the Charlotte Bobcats, were eliminated in the playoffs but excited to cheer them on next year as they regain their old name the Charlotte Hornets!

It would be a shame to let such an exciting time of the year go by while still watching your favorite teams on a small screen with poor audio quality. Our team would love to help you create a system that fits perfectly in your room, and brings these wonderful events to life. And in the fall, when football rolls back around, you will be ready to enjoy it unlike ever before.

One Ends as Another Begins

The return of baseball is an event that is eagerly awaited on by millions of people around the country for a variety of reasons. For one, it is a sure sign that better weather is just around the corner. It also signals the return of spring break and summer vacations, and the opportunity to make memories with the family. Beyond that, it is simply a game that many people love to watch, and will live and die with their favorite teams all summer long.

For basketball and hockey, spring is the culmination of a long, tough winter. The best teams have been sorted out from the field, and now it is time for the “Finals???…Who will be the last team standing? March Madness gets some of the best TV ratings around. And there isn’t much drama in sports that can rival an NHL playoff game, and even non-hockey fans are easily absorbed into the action.

Whether you prefer basketball, hockey or baseball, one thing is sure – you shouldn’t have to squint from your couch to see the puck. Get in touch with the team here at Audio Video Charlotte today and find out what we can do for you and your Charlotte home theater system. Adding an incredible new system to your home may not be as expensive or time-consuming as you think, and the results can be truly spectacular. Contact us today!