Everyone wants the ability to see and hear what they want, when they want it, right?

Truth is, that’s getting easier all the time to do that with our personal digital devices. But while such devices can bring us nearly unlimited listening choices, they can’t bring us the room filling, high fidelity sound we also want when relaxing at home.

But conventional high fidelity audio systems have drawbacks as well – we’re talking things like size and complexity; the fact you’re often limited to using it in only certain rooms of the house; or just the ugliness of running wires to remote speakers.  

Thankfully, there’s a new and affordable solution which means it’s now possible to enjoy exceptionally high quality audio anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

HEOS by Denon, couldn’t be more flexible, innovative, and user-friendly. It’s one of our favorites. And there are a couple of reasons why.

Stream Your Music
You can stream cloud sources like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, tunein, Rhapsody and more. Which means you can listen to tracks directly from your phone, tablet or USB drive.

(Special note: Apple music can only be streamed if the music is downloaded to the device like an Apple or Android smart device.)

Utilize the Easy-to-Use App
The free HEOS app provides multi-room audio control and can be installed on as many devices as you like! You can easily control where the music is playing in your home. Available for iOS, Kindle and Android devices.

Create a Personalized Experience – Wirelessly
You can access all of your music, add other users to the line-up to vary the playlist or personalize the room according to the user: Mom’s tunes in the kitchen, Dad’s in the office, kids’ tunes in the family room. An important win with wireless – no ugly wires in any room.

Choose from a Variety of Options – Small to Large
There is a variety of many HEOS speakers to choose from. Whether you want a speaker on the go or in your home, Heos provides all your needs. Choose what size and look best fits yours everyday life and space.

It’s Easy to Set-Up
You want it to be easy, right? Well, the HEOS speakers take the cake when it comes to easy of set up. There are just five steps to setting it up – plug it in, download the app, connect to your network, and pick your music, enjoy. (Okay, we added that last step ourselves.)  

Experience Better Quality for Quality Music
The Denon brand touts over 100 years of innovation. They know what they’re doing. They have worked hard to bring you the best quality speakers so you can listen to your music as if you were there in the studio! Each HEOS system is engineered in-house at Denon so you know it is made the right way.

Synchronization in Microseconds
Each HEOS player is perfectly synchronized to an extremely high degree. What does this mean? This means that HEOS delivers unparalleled synchronization performance within microseconds. That’s speedy.

You’ve Got Options – like a Streaming Boxes
If you already have a stereo that you use, you can upgrade your stereo with a HEOS Link. This will drive up your stereo and speakers giving you the listening experience you want and need.

A 2-in-1 Fun Fact
Fun fact: HEOS is built into all Denon and Marantz because they are owned by the same company. If you have either receiver you can automatically connect to the HEOS app. All you have to do is select which room you want in the app and it will start playing music. It’s that easy.

The experts at Audio Video Charlotte would be delighted to show you the benefits of Heos. And they can also provide expert advice and installation of systems that bring, not only audio, but also video to any area of your home, without unsightly wires or complicated operation.

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