At Audio Video Charlotte, we know audio video. Every year new gadgets are released or new versions of old devices are updated. For your home theater, we have chosen a few products that we are absolutely giddy about this Holiday season.

Marantz NR1403 home theater receiver:

This home theater receiver is small, runs coolly and sounds great even with inexpensive, demanding speakers. It’s everything most people want, while omitting confusing features which most people never use. High performance with Apple-like simplicity makes the Marantz NR1403 a winner. At Audio Video Charlotte, we can use this receiver in your home theater to maximize your viewing pleasure and sync your other devices through this receiver.

Definitive Technology Incline:

These powered speakers are far and away the best desktop speakers we have ever heard. They also work great as a part of your home theater. They look like small versions of the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey??? and have multiple inputs as well as subwoofer output, though you don’t need a sub given the big sound. Sound is radiated from the front and back and is full and satisfying, with deep bass, precise, detailed highs and a full midrange. Audio Video Charlotte is an authorized dealer for Definitive Technology and we take pride in providing our customers with the best speakers in the audio video world.

Samsung PN60F5300 HDTV:

This 60-inch plasma provides a beautiful, large picture for big rooms and anyone looking for a theater experience at home. It features 1080p vertical line count. It comes with Clear Image Panel technology which optimizes off-angle sharpness and eliminates dual images and blurring. It also generates a frame of video at 600 times a second for smoother images with a sharper picture. We are excited about installing these into your home theater.

Sony XBR-55X900 / XBR-65X900 XBR 4K Ultra HDTV:

If you want to future-proof yourself with the best 4K TV going, this is the way to go. There may not be a lot of 4K content available right now, but you’ll be ready when it is and probably the first one on the block to be able to show it. It comes with 4 sets of 3D glasses and a 18-month warranty. It features Wifi Direct and is Skype ready. This is the start of the future.

Universal Remote Control:

 As audio-video gear proliferates, so does the population of remote controls on the coffee table. Lessen clutter with a good Universal Remote Control, which will consolidate all of your equipment functions into a single remote. After we install your home theater, we will leave you with a single remote that can control everything. URC is the simplest remote to integrate with your system and is the most user friendly remote on the market. We should know!

Of course, we are always available for consultation. We can help you decide before you buy or work with the equipment you already own. We are experts are creating simple solutions so you can enjoy all the entertainment available today. Contact Audio Video Charlotte today!