For most people in and around the Charlotte area, the rapid growth in technology means more and more devices have made their way into the home. No longer are you likely to just purchase a TV, plug it in, and leave it operating by itself as you might have in days gone by. Now, you will set up your new TV and connect it to a variety of other inputs like a DVD player or cable box. All of these additional components mean that your home entertainment system can be more powerful than ever before.

Of course, there is a downside to all of these devices. Generally speaking, each one of them comes with an additional remote control. It is common to see three or four (or more) remote controls on the living room table – each to control one of the various components you are using. Not only does this make for clutter around the house, but it also gets confusing and frustrating to use. A properly set-up universal remote can allow you to consolidate the function of that handful of remotes and make the whole system easier to use.

Following are five reasons why you should consider purchasing a universal remote control to add to your Charlotte home entertainment system. If you need any assistance choosing the right remote for your system, or getting it set-up correctly, feel free to contact Audio Video Charlotte today.

#1 – Speed Up the Process

Technology needs to be convenient if you are going to use it frequently and get the most from the investment you have made. There is nothing convenient about having to use two or three remotes just to accomplish one task, and a universal remote can take that frustration away. When you know you only have to push a couple buttons to accomplish the task, you will be more likely to use the components you have available.

#2 – Easy for the Whole Family

A set-up that requires the use of multiple remotes might be confusing for some members of the family, specifically kids, to use properly. Once you have a universal remote control in place, you can teach everyone in the family how to use it to run the system. Hopefully, this will cut down on the amount of time spent trying to figure out the system, and increase the amount of time spent enjoying it.

#3 – No More Hunting

How many times have you sat down to watch a show or movie only to be missing the one remote you need to make it happen? When a universal remote is controlling your entire system, you won’t have to worry about locating multiple remotes around the room. So long as the universal remote is in your hand, you can manage all parts of your a/v system.

#4 – Technology Has Come a Long Way

Some people shy away from using universal remotes because they have had less-than-impressive experiences with them in the past. It is true that early models of universal remotes could be difficult to use and unreliable, but they have come a long way in recent years. New models are a far cry from those early versions, and you are likely to be impressed with how well they work.

#5 – Ready for More

Our favorite URC is the MX-780, which features a color screen, customization, and intuitive keypad. One button operation is key. You’ll be able to push one button and the remote will then do everything necessary to switch to the selected action. This is what us tech geeks call a macro.

If you decide to add pieces to your Charlotte home a/v system, the universal remote should be able to quickly and easily add those devices and control them as well. Instead of letting the remotes continue to pile up in your living room as your home entertainment system grows larger and larger, put a universal remote in place and keep it as simple as possible.