While many people are working remotely, there is a definite need to keep people connected through virtual meetings such as video conferencing, webinars and other video communication.  As you sit through one of these video meetings, you quickly realize that not everyone’s connection is reliable and some have lag time, are hard to see and even hear.  When you are a business facilitating these meetings, you need the best conference room technology for your office to ensure your clients get the best service possible.  You need a microphone and camera that can produce a high-definition output that boasts your skills and talents and that’s where Audio Video Charlotte comes in.

Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Microphone w/Audio Interface

A conference room’s size, shape and seating arrangement can make it hard to achieve clear audio in a virtual meeting.  Our ability to connect is only as good as the sound quality and hardware that we are using and that is why we like the Samson G-Track Microphone for our installs.  The all-in-one USB microphone produces professional-sounding recordings with the ability to capture your audio at 24-bit/96kHz for detailed and high-resolution results.  The USB output is compatible with any Mac or PC device making it simple and easy to use for anyone.

Sam Ash

Nearus™ USB 2.0 PTZ 1080p Web Conferencing Camera with 10x Zoom

Whether you have an office with low light or a large conference room with a group, we can install professional conferencing technology that is perfect for your office.  Our favorite web conferencing camera is the Nearus USB 2.0 1080p camera.  This camera was made for custom conferencing solutions and has 1080p full HD video and 10x zoom making it very versatile.

Snap AV

The best video equipment provides lifelike HD video, has wide-view capabilities and is compatible with the most popular web conferencing software like Zoom or GoToMeeting.  If you need professional video conferencing equipment, call us today at 704-287-3334 or find us at Audio Video Charlotte to schedule an appointment.  We are here for you even after the install to help troubleshoot issues and provide support.  We are just a phone call, email or text away.