If ever there were a time to reconsider your home theater setup, it’s now. March Madness is upon us and we at Audio Video Charlotte want to update and perfectly place every speaker and screen in your home before you miss any more of The Madness!


Setting up, or updating, a home theater system is one of those things people like to put off. Not because we don’t want a new high-resolution screen and crystal clear speakers surrounding our viewing area. No, usually we procrastinate the home theater because we’re afraid it will cost too much and require too much time—picture wires running in every direction, a television shoddily fastened to the wall, and sweat running down your face. Sadly, this was the scene for just about every person attempting to gain superior viewing pleasure back in the 1990s and early 2000s. But not necessarily today.

Audio Video Charlotte wants to change this. In fact, we already have. Not only do we do all the heavy lifting, all the connecting and fastening of wires and systems, we also do it at a low cost. The truth is, there is absolutely no reason not to have an impressive home theater system, whether you watch sporting events or not. And if you are a sports fanatic, what in the wide world of sports are you waiting on?


Getting Started

Calling or visiting us at Audio Video Charlotte should be your first move towards furnishing your home with the finest in all things audio and video. But, if you would like to show off your new setup by the time the Sweet 16 rolls around, consider the following:

  • What is your situation? Do you want your television to be the main focus of the room or would you rather it blend into the wall, become a part of the room’s aesthetic? Maybe you don’t want the television to be noticed at all. If this sounds like you, we suggest the Samsung Frame TV. When the television is not in use, it doubles as a picture frame holding your favorite piece of art or family photo. This is a fun one to surprise guests with because you truly can’t tell it’s a television until it’s turned on. This enables you to easily turn your media room into a regular room at any point.


  • Get a professional opinion for the layout and size (of television)—but keep in mind that bigger is better! Obviously, we are the professionals to help you in this area, but it is a good idea to make a trip and physically look at different sized televisions. Once you have a size in mind, picture the wall or section of the room it will sit and try to determine if it’s either too big or too small or just right. We suggest going with at least a 65-inch screen. This is a good size for movie nights, sporting events, televised concerts, you name it. Once you have an idea, you don’t have to commit. Since this is the biggest step—deciding on the size and placement of your new system—we will actually come out to your house for a free consultation before you buy anything.


At Audio Video Charlotte, we design, install, and service any and all kinds of home entertainment devices. From surround sound speakers to 4K Ultra HD smart TVs to Universal Remotes, we can deliver the home entertainment experience you’ve always wanted (maybe even the one you didn’t know you wanted). The key to great home entertainment is designing a solution that fits your lifestyle and needs, which is why we offer no-obligation, free in-home consultations in the North and South Carolina area. We’ll assess your space and offer recommendations for the best equipment and setup to meet your goals.

Ready to explore the options? All you need to do is schedule a visit!


A Few More Options

These days, we want what we want NOW! We are so used to having things immediately, whether it’s information from Google or a package from Amazon, so why can’t we immediately have everything we want with our personal digital services as well? The answer is, you can!

Conventional high-fidelity audio systems can have drawbacks. They tend to be big and bulky and overly complex, and they are usually confined to only one room of the house, which means extending sound to other rooms requires running ugly wires and cords from one room to another. Luckily, we have an improved and affordable solution to this problem. Wireless connection!

Heos, by Denon, couldn’t be more user-friendly. Its compact, high-performance speakers can be placed nearly anywhere in and around your home with ease because they receive signals through the air and deliver fantastic fidelity at a lightning-fast speed. And best of all, you can control the wireless audio video system with simple and intuitive apps on your smartphone or iPad. That’s right, you don’t even have to get off the couch.

Our trained and experienced experts would be delighted to show you the benefits of Heos, and they can also provide expert advice and installation of systems that bring, not only audio, but also a high-quality video to any area of your home without unsightly wires or complicated operation.

Unsure of which television to get? Here are our favorite three:

  1. Samsung Frame TV. The 65-inch, 4K, High-Dynamic Range Smart TV is a top-seller. Here are a couple of reasons why—
  • Transform Frame TV into a work of art when you’re not watching with Art Mode
  • 100% color volume with QLED – powered by Quantum Dots
  • Customizable frame offered in black, white, beige or walnut.
  • 2160p resolution to watch at 4x the resolution of Full HD


  1. Samsung Q70R. This is a smart 75-inch, 4K Ultra HD, with High Dynamic Range television with the following features—
  • Turn a blank screen into photos or at-a-glance news with Ambient Mode
  • 4 HDMI inputs for home theater connection
  • Quantum HDR 8X powered by HDR10+
  • Direct Full Array 4X


  1. Sony A9G. With 55-inches of 4K, Ultra HD, and High Dynamic Range, this is one of the best options on the market. Here are the specs—
  • OLED delivers unprecedented black, contrast and color
  • Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for unparalleled realism
  • Multi-dimensional sound from the screen with Acoustic Surface Audio+
  • Find entertainment by voice with Android TV


Last-Minute Tips

Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you consider your best options. Remember, it’s never too complicated or difficult when you rely on Audio Video Charlotte.

  1. Try using a soundbar for smaller rooms.

Most TVs these days have no problem pumping out some quality sound, but it’s a good idea to have a little something extra, even in close quarters. Soundbars pack multiple speakers into one low-profile design that help spread the sound evenly about the room. Nowadays, there are all kinds of soundbar shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one to perfectly match your setting, whether you want one right below the screen, attached to a reinforced base, or even across the room.


  1. Hide your speakers in bookshelves.

Your best option for premium sound is always going to be having your home theater audio scattered in separate locations. This helps the sound to envelop you as you watch and listen, as the sound comes from different directions, such as left, right, and center. Rather than setting speakers on the ground around the room, where they can be trampled on and tripped over, consider places the speakers on or in bookshelves—or other standing structures—positioned to the left and right of the television. Now your speakers are safely out of the way but able to provide an optimum level of performance.


  1. Mount your speakers up high to enable surround sound.

The best sound is surround sound. This usually means six total audio channels—one for the center, one to the left and right, and two for the rear. Plus a subwoofer. The rear channel is usually the biggest challenge for people because, most often, they place this speaker too low. It is essential that the rear speaker sits high enough to engulf the room, so it can evenly spread the sound around the room. Try setting this speaker on a shelf or even fastening to the wall. It’s worth it!

  1. Sit up straight for 3D.

Studies show that when watching television in 3D, it is best to sit in a seat with a stiff back. As long as your neck is positioned straight ahead, you will have the best view in the house. Tilting your head to one side or the other tends to cause cloudy viewing, so make sure you are straight up and facing forward. No slouching!


  1. Get the glare away.

When positioning your TV screen, be sure to consider how much light enters the room at different times of the day. Whether it’s natural or unnatural light, such as lamps or track lighting, this will distort what you see on the screen. If you can’t get away from natural light, from a close window or glass door, look into installing shades that can be pulled down when needed.

We know finding and installing your new home-theater system sounds complicated—and it definitely can be! But with Audio Video Charlotte, we take all the stress out of the scenario and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Get started on your new setup today by setting up a free consultation. We will take the needed time to make sure you have the best viewing options possible, whether you have massive windows or an extra small room. Act now before you miss the best month of Basketball all year!