Think fast: What’s the last thing you want guests – or even yourself and your family – to see when they walk into your family room?

One word for you: Wires.

If you said pesky, ugly, unsightly wires – you’re not alone. We feel your pain. Somehow those hideous wires always seem to pop up – and even multiple! – when you are installing your television, speakers, or home theatre.

Our Audio Video Charlotte team is committed to helping you manage not only those wires, but also the experience we’re creating for you with this new equipment and technology.

Here are are a couple three non-negotiables that are hallmarks to our approach:

  • When we show up to do your installation, we have already met with you, we understand your needs, and we show up prepared to give you a great experience!
  • We arrive on time and ready to work. You’re not chasing us down or watching the clock; we’re there when we say we’ll be there. No questions asked.  
  • We block out plenty of time to make sure we’re not rushed and we have the time and space to set up not only your technology, but also to talk you through what we’re doing and what you need to know about how it works, so you can operate your new equipment easily.
  • We have your best interests in mind from the minute we enter your home which is why we always take the time to assess the situation, the current equipment, the new equipment, and the room or space.
  • At any point in the process – from our first conversation to after the installation – you can always reach us virtually anytime via text, phone call, or email.

Another hallmark of our approach? Taking on the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that pop up as we’re assess the situation.

A good example that harkens back to that familiar problem: So, how do we make sure those stubborn wires remain unseen?

Here is how our Chief Technician, Barrie Clark, solved this familiar problem for a Charlotte area family. As tedious a situation as this one is, we see it through, and leave your home better than you ever imagined.