Have you been dreaming of building a home theater in the comfort of your own house? Maybe you’ve been looking to the extra room or attic space as a potential for a cozy theater that’s popcorn ready.

Though it’s going to take more than just popcorn to make your extra space home theater ready. The right projector is what you need to truly transform a space. And while projectors are the ultimate big screen for home viewing and the perfect choice for theater rooms, installing them yourself can be a little problematic.

To help with that difficulty we compiled a list of all that you need to know about home theater rooms with projectors and the steps to install a projector professionally.

The Search For A Big Screen

Projectors installed in a home theater room will give you the most cinematic experience that you can have outside of a movie theater.

While projectors are at the peak of viewing, there are a few other options. Some big TVs on the market can get close to that authentic theater experience, like this 85” Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV. Folks with limited space may find fitting a large TV much easier than installing a projector, and an innovative TV is still a huge improvement on your home viewing.

Bigger is often better, and the search for a huge TV can often break your bank. A projector and screen can give you the size and picture that you desire and, depending on your budget, it can be the most economical way to get that experience.


Will A Projector Work For Your Space?

Installing a projector is much different than installing a TV. It is not as easy as mounting a screen on a wall, plugging in a projector, and hoping for the best.

Making use of the room, understanding the importance of angles, and the type of projector are all factors that can ruin an installation if not taken into account. If understanding every aspect of installation seems daunting, there’s good news — Audio Video Charlotte has years of experience with installation and understands how to make the most of your space.

When Audio Video Charlotte first visits the space where the projector will be installed, we look for a few things:

  • First, is the room big enough and is there a place to install the projector? A projector must be mounted and have enough space to deliver the picture to the screen.
  • Is there enough space or a wall that will accommodate the screen? The screen itself needs a large amount of space.
  • Does the room let in a lot of light? Projectors and screens create an immersive experience as long as the room does not let a lot of light in. Light will wash out the image and make it difficult to see. Even the paint color in the room contributes to the overall picture and performance of the projector. Bright or light colors reflect light so a dark paint color like gray, brown, black, or dark red on the walls is best. These colors cut down the reflection from the screen and the dark colors absorb the light.
  • What’s the shape of the room? The shape of the room may affect how the sound is heard and this plays into the plan for an audio system.

Nobody has the “perfect” room.

For instance, let’s say you have a great space but it has a lot of natural light. The dream of a home theater doesn’t have to end there — a projector can still be installed!

There are screens that are made for ambient lighting also known as general lighting like wall lighting, chandeliers, and more. These screens reject the light making the light reflect back so the color and the image get darker.

Understanding just what you need is Audio Video’s specialty, so let us make that room as “perfect” as possible for your home theater.

What Additional Tech You Need

Projector technology has advanced over the years. Like TVs, projectors have 4K capabilities but still require a cable box or a streaming device to deliver high-quality imagery. Apple 4K TV is a perfect tool to take advantage of that advancing technology because it is easy to install and delivers a crisp and realistic picture.

Hardwiring your streaming device or projector to the internet is another step to ensure you get uninterrupted internet and higher speeds.

Audio Is Key

The last thing to figure out with a home theater is the sound. Oftentimes, the most lasting impression from a movie viewed in theaters is the soundtrack and audio alongside it —that’s why having a good sound system is vital if you want to replicate that experience at home.

Projectors have an analog audio output so you can connect most types of speakers but a full-on surround sound system is highly recommended. In our home theater installs, we run wires through a Denon AV receiver, into a multi-speaker setup. This speaker system then delivers sound that feels as if it is coming from all around you.

Strategic speaker placement is a key way to deliver this surround sound effect and oftentimes requires planning and an understanding of a room.



Projector Installs

As amazing as the experience can be with a projector, they often require more setup and preparation. Though that experience is often worth it. While you could stress the installation yourself, hiring a professional, like Audio Video Charlotte, will guarantee that it will be installed correctly.

Projectors and screens require the right space, lighting, and sound system. To get the best viewing experience, you have to be near perfect, even things like the height of the projector can ruin an otherwise perfect image— and even if you get all of those things just right, configuring the settings and focus can be overwhelming.

Hiring Audio Video Charlotte will give you the assurance that your system will be set up with the highest proficiency and if you need any assistance, we are only a phone call or text away.