A new Smart TV is just the first step in upgrading your home entertainment system. We have a number of sound entertainment system recommendations that will significantly improve your viewing and listening experience.

Adjusting your television’s sound setting
Straight out-of-the-box, TV’s do not perform at their best. Beyond adjusting picture presets and ambient light detection modes, your Audio Video Charlotte team can also adjust your TV’s sound settings as well. Realistically, there are few AV settings that Audio Video Charlotte cannot adjust.


Designing the room to maximize AV equipment
The positioning of speakers is essential to experiencing the best sound on a film or TV show. Our team will provide a consultation and using our expert advice to plan how your home entertainment system integrates into your space. Whether it be in-ceiling speakers, hidden in a cabinet, or placed near the TV, we will give you the best sound system for your space.


Speaker cables, soundbars and subwoofers
Speaker cables are often overlooked, but upgrading to a premium speaker cable is an easy and inexpensive upgrade to your home cinema sound.

In smart TVs of today, most simply don’t have the speaker cabinet space to offer much sound quality. An effective way to massively boost the quality of dialogue and sound effects on your favorite TV shows and movies is to purchase a mid-range soundbar. If you’re able to spend a little more, the Sonos Arc adds multi-room functionality and surround sound.


Short on space? Consider in-ceiling speakers
Ceiling speakers combine great sound with seamless design. Because they are designed to be a more permanent audio solution in your home, you will want to ensure that you’ve chosen a speaker with excellent quality to last for years to come.

Our team will help advise with the purchase of the speakers, taking into consideration the number, size, and installation. Installing ceiling speakers requires accessing behind the walls and ceilings to wire the speaker cable. Ceiling speakers are typically sold in pairs (i.e. a left and right stereo pair). To ensure consistency of sound, you’ll want a consultation on the size of your space and how to balance the audio. In most home environments, we recommend five speakers and one subwoofer, a 5.1 system. This is the most common system and will provide the best sound in your space.

If you make the upgrade to Sonos ceiling speakers, you’re going to want the Sonos Amp. The Sonos Amp can power up to four mono ceiling speakers. If space is limited and you can’t separate the speakers that distance, we may recommend a single stereo ceiling speaker in the middle of the room. We typically advocate for spacing ceiling speakers at an equal distance apart from each other, and at least 6.5 feet between speakers for optimal separation effect. For rooms that aren’t symmetrical or have the home entertainment system positioned, a ceiling speaker with an angle-able tweeter can direct the sound where you want it. Our specialists at Audio Video Charlotte will provide a unique soundscape plan for your specific layout.


Sonos Sound System: Listen to what you want, how you want – with devices you already have.
Sonos is known for its multi-room audio, and delivering high quality AV experiences at a mid-range price point. You can take your home entertainment system to the next level with the Sonos Amp, which enables your existing speakers to connect to the Sonos wireless system – no matter if they’re bookshelf, floor-standing outdoor, in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers.

The Sonos system gives you total control over more than just your TV speakers though. Because it comes with HDMI ARC and line-in ports, you can connect non-Sonos components like CD changers, turntables, or other compatible audio devices to the system, while still being able to access all the Sonos features and control. All from your smartphone, you can assign an Amp to a room, name it, and control all of your home audio with the touch of a button. Moreover, it’s also been designed to fit seamlessly into your smart home set-up, meaning you can control smart lights, music, and more all from your Sonos app.

The Sonos Amp also provides Apply AirPlay 2 support, access to over 100 streaming services, Trueplay tuning feature, Amazon Alexa voice control, Google Assistant, and the ability to play music stored on a local wireless device like a laptop or phone through a Sonos system. Trueplay is software by Sonos that allows you to tune speakers to your surroundings, all from the Sonos App. In particular, the Sonos In-Wall and Sonos In-Ceiling can both benefit from the Trueplay tuning feature.

We highly recommend Sonos as your home sound system if customization and a great user experience are important to you. Whether you want to link up a turntable to enjoy the ease of listening to vinyl records as you would music streaming services, or connect your outdoor speakers to have multi-room capabilities even on your patio, then Sonos gives you a seamless home audio experience.

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