As an audio-video installation company, it’s no secret that our job is to stay well-informed on audio-video tech and equipment. We look for new products and technology to offer our clients and have fun reading up on tech news. When we saw that Samsung came out with a new, portable projector, we checked it out. The Samsung Freestyle Projector lets you have a home theater projection at your fingertips.


Audio Video Charlotte loves Samsung and its products, so when we heard about Samsung’s new Freestyle Projector, we had to look into this portable projector. Samsung, the state-of-the-art Frame TV maker, knows about creating innovative products and how to market them, and the Freestyle Projector is no different. This portable and versatile projector is easy to use and is designed to point and play the video in any position.

The stand allows the projector to rotate almost 180 degrees, so you can even position an image on a screen, wall, ceiling, table, or at different angles.

FeaturesPortable Samsung Projector Charlotte

Want to stream your favorite content with a portable projector? Here are some other features of this projector:

  • The high-definition picture produced by this projector can be viewed in 30 to 100 inches in size.
  • Hear 360-degree sound with the built-in speakers.
  • The Freestyle connects to Wi-Fi and has Samsung’s Smart TV apps and a few voice assistants from Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. 
  • No wires or outlet is needed. The projector works with external USB battery packs for portability and convenience.
  • There are a few optional accessories you can buy to personalize your Freestyle. Colored “skins” come in Coyote Beige, Forest Green, and Blossom Pink. There is also a water and dust-resistant carrying case, lightbulb socket adapter, and a Freestyle battery base available.


Overall, the Samsung Freestyle projector is a flexible projector that produces eye-catching images, has built-in sound, and streams better than many competitors in its category. If you are looking for a projector or need some help installing a projector, give Audio Video Charlotte a call – at 704-287-3334. We offer the latest technology, including Samsung products, and will Price Match the big box stores, so no shopping is needed. We will get you set up from start to finish.