If you haven’t heard about Samsung’s Frame TV, then keep reading because this is one of our favorites!

The Samsung Frame TV is a one-of-a-kind TV that takes the design esthetic of a room into consideration and offers the owner the ability to display matted artwork and pictures on their TV when it is not in use. This TV transforms the room and becomes a piece of art that adds to the decor instead of being the big black rectangle hanging on the wall. The Frame TV is the perfect combination of Samsung’s highly regarded and revolutionary QLED technology and seamless design, blending entertainment and function.


What is The Frame?

If you are shopping for a new TV right now, you want to go ahead and check out Samsung’s best-selling Frame TV. Samsung calls its Frame TV, a “lifestyle TV” because it has a gallery-worthy aesthetic, features swappable bezel frames, and offers access to a large collection of artwork.

This TV gives you an exceptional balance of high performance and design.

It’s a TV when you want it on and turns into artwork with a slew of customizable options when you want it off.

Why the Frame TV Is So Innovative

The Samsung Frame TV was made to be Samsung’s thinnest TV. The TV includes a Slim Fit wall mount that hangs the TV flush against the wall. The One Connect Box connects all of your HDMIs, devices, and the power cord so you do not have to run a bunch of cables to the back of your TV. These features make the TV almost as thin as an actual picture frame and the elimination of cord visibility makes it stand out like a picture frame.

When you buy a TV, the thing you want the most is the best picture possible. So how does the Frame TV measure up? Well, you don’t have to worry because the Frame is a QLED Smart TV (standing for quantum dot LED TV) with 4K resolution and runs on the Tizen operating system. So you get all of the apps including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ plus other standard features like AirPlay 2, Auto Hotspot technology, USB 3.0, and voice assistants from Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s native assistant, Bixby.


The Samsung Frame 2021 vs 2022

We install many Frame TVs for our clients, so we were excited to hear that Samsung was releasing an upgraded 2022 version.

The new features in the 2022 Frame TV include an updated and superior anti-reflection matte display.

Samsung says that this Matte Display is “the most realistic art-viewing experience outside a museum.” When displaying art, this anti-glare screen limits the light distraction on your screen by reducing the effects of glare.

Televisions continue to evolve with every model that is released. As an audio-video installer, we know that consumers have different values on technology. Some want a state-of-the-art picture and sound out of a TV, while others value the aesthetic of a room over the TV’s performance. If this sounds like you, then the Frame TV is the best TV for you. This TV offers performance and includes a personalized experience. Another great feature is that the Frame TV is also easy to understand and operate.

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