Thanksgiving Football Wide Screen TV

Thanksgiving Football and TV Just Go Together

Thanksgiving is this month! Are you ready for your friends and family to come over a share a great meal? What about watching all that football? Thankfully, Audio Video Charlotte Entertaining Solutions has great audio video solutions for you. And the best part is we make it simple! Our experts specialize in simplicity while creating flawless designs without showing wires! Two things to think about when entertaining guests is the television and the remote. Both can make or break a festive gathering.

The Television

Size Matters! While the cooking is happening in the kitchen, football fans will be gathered around the television. Charlotte Panther fans can attest to how exciting a football game can be, now imagine it on a wide screen TV with WiFi capabilities. Samsung just came out with their Samsung UN85S9 Smart TV, which is 85??? of wide screen bliss! Go big or go home! However, if your budget is a bit more conservative, Audio Video Charlotte can help you find the perfect fit for your home. LG and Sony also make some great smart TVs that we can integrate with your internet service. Or if you already own a great TV, Audio Video Charlotte can help you integrate it with our receivers, speakers and remote – all to create an unbelievable football watching experience.  Almost like are at the stadium!

The Remote

At Audio Video Charlotte, we use Universal Remote Controls (URC). We choose these remotes for their ease of use. Simplicity is key to using a one of our multi-functional remotes. One reason people shy away from home theater systems is because remotes can be  is too complicated. On an episode of the popular show, Modern Family, the mom gets frustrated and destroys the husband’s too complicated remote. That won’t happen with our remotes. We take the time to teach you how to use the remote and offer tech support for five years after the integration.  Each URC remote has the capability to operate your TV, cable box, receiver, DVD or streaming media. These remotes come with small LCD touchscreens and we can integrate it with your whole house system. Children to grandparents can use these intuitive remotes!