How to get rid of cable tv.

Cutting the Cable – Kill Expensive Cable TV Subscriptions!

Have you thought about cutting cable or satellite services from your monthly bills? Cable TV can be expensive, and with so many TV shows on the internet now, there are lots of options.  At Audio Video Charlotte, we know how to integrate your internet network with your TV in order to enjoy all types of entertainment in your home theater. In a recent Forbes Magazine article, Amadou Diallo writes that “the cost savings of dropping the TV package can be substantial, and there has never been as many good choices available as there are today in both hardware and content.??? Let’s look at some of the choices:


Do they still make those? That might be what some of you are thinking, but yes, they do! Antennas are essential to receiving live television.  Since the switch from analog to digital broadcast update of 2009, full-power television stations nationwide have been required to broadcast exclusively in a digital format.  Newer TVs are already equipped to receive the digital signal and antennas help the TV receive the signal. Without cable, you can still receive many channels through your antenna such as like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. This is essential for the sports fans that want to watch live games. Advances in antenna technology have led to sleek, stylish designs.

Set Top Box Devices

It seems that gaming devices such as Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstations were the first to connect internet services to your TV.  Did you know that you can access services like Netflix and Pandora through these devices?  Now there are devices like Apple TV and Roku that are designed specifically for integrating television and internet.  This integration allows you to stream services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus and iTunes. These services can have a monthly fee associated with them, but are usually considerably less than cable ($7-15).  You may also have to wait one day after the original air date in order to view a show. Depending on your families’ viewing habits, you can decide on which device is best for you. The cost of an Apple TV is about $100 and Rokus range in price from around $50- $100.

Set Up

How do you set up all these new devices to your television and integrate them seamlessly? At Audio Video Charlotte, we know all the ins and outs of Home Theater Installation. We will integrate your devices with your receiver and program them with our Universal Remote Control. If you are considering cutting the cable cord, set up a consultation with Audio Video Charlotte today!

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