If you’re in the midst of relocating, you have plenty of things to think about and manage. In fact, your moving checklist might be downright overwhelming. Audio Video Charlotte wants to ease the stress a little bit by offering some practical information and advice in one key area of your move: your home entertainment setup.


Did you know that a TV mount comes in two pieces, that moving a flatscreen TV can be extra difficult, and that this could be the perfect time to make some serious home theater upgrades? Let us explain:

1. TV Mounts Consist of Two Pieces

Mounting your TV on the wall is often the safest and most attractive way to display your TV. And depending on several factors, you may or may not want to take your current mount with you when you move.

If you’re renting, you will need to ask your landlord what they prefer you to do. They could buy it from you, which would be the easiest way to go about things. But chances are you will need to take your mount with you. Know that TV mounts come in two pieces; one piece is connected to the TV itself, and the other piece is mounted to the wall. You will need to remove the mount from the wall and patch the holes left in the drywall.

You’ll probably want to leave behind your TV mount if you’re selling your home. In some instances, TV mounts are considered to be fixtures and, therefore, required to remain in place. Audio Video Charlotte has the equipment you would need to replace your old TV mount. We will work with you to find the best option and install it in your new home.

If you decide that you want to take the mount with you, consult with your real estate agent to make sure it won’t impact the sale. It’s worth noting that fixtures like a TV mount can be seen as an incentive to buyers; it’s a nice little bonus that they don’t have to determine where the ideal viewing spot is in the room or worry about installing the mount themselves.


2. Moving Your TV Is Risky Business

When it comes to moving, flatscreen TVs are among the most fragile items. It’s essential that you handle your TV screen with extra care because it can easily get creased or destroyed. Chances are you invested a pretty penny on your flatscreen, and the slightest drop, bump, or shake can result in you having to buy a new one.

The surest way of getting your TV from point A to point B without any damages is to hire professionals like Audio Video. Our team has 65 years of combined experience in moving and installing a wide range of home entertainment equipment, and we’ve moved hundreds of TVs in particular. We use special equipment blankets and boxes, we know exactly how to carry items, and we even use a specially-fitted van that allows us to transport TVs more securely than other companies. In other words, we’ve got the whole moving-a-TV thing down to a science!


3. Moving is the Perfect Opportunity for Upgrades

All that said, moving into a new house will begin a new chapter in your life. And that means it can be the perfect time to invest in new home entertainment equipment! Audio Video has every type and brand of AV product you would need—from top-tier to budget-friendly.

Perhaps your new living room calls for a different-size TV. Maybe you need to invest in a new set of speakers to fill out the sound in your home theater (note: if you use in-ceiling speakers, you will need to get new ones installed because you can’t remove those from the old house). Or maybe you simply feel like it’s time to step up your game with an all-new home theater setup.

We’ve got you covered. We’ll come in and inspect your shiny new pad, and we’ll even pre-wire your cable to ensure you have the best network and entertainment experience possible. Then, we’ll set you up with all the equipment you need, install every item securely, and show you how to work it all. Moreover, if you don’t want to worry about discarding your old equipment, we’ll take it to a recycling plant or to Goodwill for you. For any items that we must dispose of, we’ll be sure to do so in an environmentally friendly manner.



Moving is rarely a quick and simple venture. But if you let Audio Video help you with the home theater side of things, you might notice yourself feeling a little lighter by the day! Remember the information and advice above as you continue to plan your move, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (704) 287-3334!