Audio Video Charlotte is your own personal technology shopping service!  Our team has relationships with the very best vendors and distributors of quality audio video equipment. We get the latest reviews and insider information on products as they are brought to the consumer market. We also see this equipment installed and working in home theaters around Charlotte.  This gives us real-time knowledge about products that are popular as well as the ones to avoid.

Not everyone has unlimited funds for their sound systems, smart TVs, and computer equipment.  We get it.  Our installers and advisors are great at matching budgets to equipment.  We may be able to suggest some knock-off brands or refurbished equipment that will meet our client’s expectations without crushing their bank accounts.

Here are a few of our 2019 recommendations for receivers, flat screen TVs, and speakers:

For receivers, we usually recommend a wireless Marantz or Denon.  When you start to think about building the perfect home theater or installing whole-house technology, you may be tempted to mix dozens of brands to get your perfect system.  One of our trade secrets is to use fewer brands to get the best quality at many different price points.  For example, we almost exclusively use Marantz or Denon receivers.  Denon is kind of like the Toyota of receivers, compared to Marantz that would be considered the “Lexus” in this category.  Both brands are reliable, controllable from a smart device, and include Heos streaming service.  Marantz simply offers higher sound quality for the discerning ear and a few more bells & whistles.

Why do you need Heos?  Heos allows you to stream many music sources and control music from your smart device.  Those streaming services may include Spotify, Pandora, Napster, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, TIDAL, Mood:Mix, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music.

For flat screen TVs, we recommend Sony, Samsung, and LG.  These are the most reliable on the market and best of all prices continue to drop.  Best Buy, Costco, and some online dealers also sell these quality products but they can’t beat our prices.  If you find a price lower than what we offer, we’ll match the price!

For speakers, we recommend Definitive and Snapay.  Most of our speaker installs are in-wall or in-ceiling but both of those brands also have excellent cabinet options.  SVS Sound is our pick for subwoofers.

Bottom line, we only recommend products that sound great for the price, are very reliable, and give us reliable support.  Additionally, we offer phone support seven days a week if our customers need support or additional recommendations for add-on products.